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FIDI Global Alliance and FAIM Quality Certification Explained

Ashleigh Williams

Written by Reviewed by Dave Sayce

21st Oct 2022 (Last updated on 3rd Jan 2023) 5 minute read

When you’re relocating abroad, you want to ensure you’re using a trusted and verified international removals service. This is important because it will ensure your household goods are safe and protected during transit.

There are a lot of extra steps that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to an international move. As it can be a stressful and big decision to make, it’s important the company you use can be relied upon to ensure your move is a success.

Choosing a FIDI partner can help with this. FIDI Global Alliance set high standards that international removal companies need to meet to be approved. This provides peace of mind and helps to take the stress out of your international move.

This article will talk you through everything you need to know about FIDI, from what they do to the benefits of this Global Alliance.

  1. What is FIDI?
  2. What is the FAIM Certification?
  3. FAIM Certification Requirements
  4. The FAIM Compliance Procedure
  5. FIDI Professional Cooperation Guidelines
  6. Why Choose A FIDI Affiliate?
  7. Finding a Trusted and Professional Removals Company

What is FIDI?

FIDI is a Global Alliance. It helps to ensure international removal companies are regulated. It also ensures they are providing a high-quality service. They have a set of standards companies need to meet, and they help to regulate the industry.

FIDI is like BAR and NGRS which help to regulate and approve UK-based removal companies. But, FIDI focuses on international removal companies. FIDI is based in Belgium and covers all global removal companies.

FIDI is an independent organisation. Every affiliated removal company has to pass the FAIM Quality Certification. You can expect high standards from these companies. This is part of being a FIDI associate.

What is the FAIM Certification?

The FAIM certificate was created 20 years ago. This was due to the rise in international relocation and the need for companies to be verified and regulated.

The FAIM Certification ensures there are high standards for international relocation companies. It’s acknowledged across the world as the only accredited certification.

It was created by FIDI as a benchmark for the international moving and relocation industry. FIDI understands the need for customers to choose between successful and unsuccessful companies.

The great thing about the FAIM Certification is that it’s independently audited. This ensures the audits are fair and the companies are compliant. The audits are carried out by an independent third party called EY.

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FAIM Certification Requirements

Here are the requirements companies need to pass the FAIM certification to become a FIDI member:

  • Quality Service - Companies have to meet the FAIM quality standards set by FIDI. A company’s services and the quality of its procedures are audited.
  • Supplier Chain Performance - International removal companies need to ensure suppliers meet the standards of FIDI.
  • Meeting International Regulations and Industry Standards -The FAIM Certificate helps companies meet industry standards. FIDI have Anti-Trust Charters and Anti Bribery rules companies need to meet. Data protection must be correct, and companies must follow international regulations.
  • Stable Finances - A FAIM-certified company needs to be stable through financial statements. These are looked over yearly by independent auditors.

    The FAIM Compliance Procedure

    Once a company has passed the FAIM Certification, they are required to meet the FAIM Compliance Procedure. This is a 3-year period that repeats itself.

    The compliance procedures are always carried out by independent auditors. FIDI uses EY for this part of the process.

    Here is what happens each year:

    • Year One - Financial assessment and on-site audit
    • Year Two -Internal audit and financial assessment
    • Year Three -Internal audit and financial assessment

      Here’s a breakdown of each procedure:

      Financial Assessment

      The financial assessment ensures international removals companies are financially stable. Their documents are checked, and if a company has bad credit or is in debt, they can be removed as a FIDI affiliate.

      Internal Audit

      The internal audit is carried out by each individual removal company. The company needs to prove they abide by a set of regulations to remain a FIDI affiliate.

      On-site Audit

      The on-site audit is more detailed and extensive. An auditor visits the company to check they are compliant with FIDI’s high standards.

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      FIDI Professional Cooperation Guidelines

      FIDI has a set of Professional Cooperation Guidelines. The steps are as followed:

      1. Pre-Move Survey

      The pre-move survey checks customers and companies are happy and clear in the expectations set for moving home. This includes service quotes and a pre-move survey.

      2. Origin Services

      The origin services cover the expectations of the move. This includes the transportation of goods and the service used. It also covers the company and removalists.

      3. Destination Services

      Destination services cover the location of international movers. The removals company will discuss costs, customs clearance, and any extra charges.

      Destination services also include assistance with questions customers may have. This includes school searches, visas and Immigration regulations.

      4. Storage

      If storage needs to be used, the company will arrange this. Storage charges, container or self-storage sizes, and the length of time should be discussed.

      A company should have storage facilities that are secure, dry, and managed to FIDI standards.

      5. Cleanliness

      The cleanliness of a company needs to be proven. Storage or removal vans and facilitates used cannot be contaminated. This includes infestation and mould. This protects the customer's goods throughout the removal process.

      6. Additional Services

      If additional services are provided these should be discussed with a customer.

      7. Removalist Services

      A company should always discuss how their removalists will assist the customer with their move. Expectations should be set for help with loading and unpacking. Colleagues have to be trained to carry out the role correctly.

      8. Payment

      Payment needs to be discussed professionally in advance of the move. Invoices and the correct documentation need to be displayed. Discussions about the process of late or missed payments need to be made clear.

      9. Claims and Complaints Discussions

      Before both parties go ahead with an international move, claims and settlement discussions must occur. Customers need to be aware of their rights if any damages or losses occur.

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      Why Choose A FIDI Affiliate?

      While you can choose any international removal company, it’s useful to use a FIDI Affiliate. Steps are put in place to ensure each move goes smoothly, and you know you will receive a high-quality service.

      FIDI has members in more than 100 countries, covering the vast majority of the world.

      Finding a Trusted and Professional Removals Company

      Here at Compare My Move, we can help match you with up to 6 trusted and verified international removal companies

      All our partners are trusted and verified, providing you with peace of mind when it comes to your international relocation.

      Ashleigh Williams

      Having written book reviews and content for For The Love of Books for over five years, Ashleigh now creates advice articles for Compare My Move, focusing on all things home-related.

      Dave Sayce

      Reviewed by Dave Sayce

      Owner & Managing Director, Compare My Move

      Dave Sayce is the owner and managing director of Compare My Move and has over 10 years of experience in the house removals industry.

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