Guide to Mortgages and Deposits

About this guide

Understanding the different mortgage types and lender jargon can be daunting when buying a house, but we’re here to help. Compare My Move’s team of property experts have covered everything from the mortgage basics to what credit score you need for a mortgage in our in-depth mortgage and house deposit guide. 

Before applying for a mortgage and getting together your house deposit, you must first understand the mortgage basics. Our guide begins with a detailed look at what is a mortgage, from explaining what loan-to-value means, to how to apply for a mortgage, our team of experts cover everything. 

Once you have an understanding of what to expect with your mortgage, you must then explore the different types of mortgage and which one will suit you best. Throughout our mortgages and deposits guide, we will explore a range of mortgage types and their advantages and disadvantages, from offset mortgages to cashback mortgages. 

If you’re moving house or just looking to save some money on your mortgage payments, you might consider remortgaging as an option. In our mortgages and deposits guide, we will look at when is a good time to remortgage and whether changing lenders might help get you a better deal on your mortgage. 

Once you’ve read up about your options and learned what the best mortgage is for your situation, we’ll take an in-depth look at each type of mortgage to further help with your research. We begin by exploring standard variable rate mortgage, looking at how the rate is set all the way to when it’s best to be on a SVR. 

By having all the important information in one place, with a focus on what is a mortgage, the different types of mortgage, what is remortgaging and what is a standard variable rate mortgage, you will be fully prepared. Once you’ve completed this guide, we hope you’ll feel confident about mortgages and deposits.