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Guide to New Build Homes

About this guide

Buying a house is exciting, but can seem daunting. If you’re buying a new build home, then the process will differ slightly to the traditional way. Working with property experts, Compare My Move share insightful advice on everything you need to know about buying a new build home. We work hard to bring you the latest news on new build homes, from buying an off-plan property to snagging lists, we’ve got you covered.

We begin with a detailed guide to buying a new-build home, featuring an in-depth look at the process of buying new, the schemes available and mortgages for new build homes. Buying a new build differs to an older property, so it’s important you’re fully aware of the process. 

Before making any decisions, you must first figure out if you want to buy a new-build home, or if an older property suited for you. Our article on shall I buy a new build or old house will weigh up both options including the advantages and disadvantages of both new and old homes. 

When you’re buying a new build home, you can sometimes purchase one before the developer has completed the property, often with a discount. We look at what does buying an off-plan property mean so you’re fully aware of each option available to you. 

With any property purchase, you’ll need a property survey, but as you are buying a newly built home, there shouldn’t be any structural issues. A snagging list will be the equivalent of a property survey for a new-build and will feature a list of all the issues or 'snags' with a new build property. Throughout this guide we will look at what is a snagging list, from what the report looks like to when you need one. 

By having all the important information in one place, with a focus on buying a new build, new builds or older properties, buying an off-plan property and what is a snagging list, you will be fully prepared. After reading through the complete guide, we hope you’ll feel confident about what to expect when buying a new-build house.