Guide to New Build Homes

About this guide

Buying a house is exciting, but can seem daunting. If you’re buying a new build home, then the process will differ slightly to the traditional way. Working with property experts, share insightful advice on everything you need to know about buying a new build home.

Compare My Move work hard to bring you the latest news on new build homes, from buying an off-plan property to snagging lists, we’ve got you covered.

  • 1. Shall I buy a new build or old house?

    There are pros and cons for both new build homes and old house so Compare My Move's experts have compiled a list of some of the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you decide exactly what you want. From the importance of hiring a chartered surveyor to issues you need to look out for in both kinds of property, we hope this guide will help make the choice easier for you when considering these.

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  • 2. A guide to buying a new-build

    Buying a new build property can be appealing to prospective buyers due to the lack of a property chain and the option of personalising it as it’s being built. However, there are still issues that come with new build homes and so it’s important to ask the appropriate questions and do your research before committing to the sale.

    Compare My Move work with a range of property and removal experts to create helpful and accurate articles to help you through the moving process. In this guide, we’ll explain the process of buying a new-build house and list the various advantages and disadvantages that must be factored in before starting the transaction.

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  • 3. What does buying an off-plan property mean?

    Buying off-plan is when you purchase a new-build property before the developer has even finished building it - and with some properties it’s possible to buy at a discount before construction work has even started. Buying a property off-plan comes with a variety of risks, but it can mean a smaller deposit and an opportunity to provide some personal input whilst your home is being built.

    Compare My Move work with the most professional property experts out there to help keep our users informed throughout the buying process. This guide will discuss the process of buying an off-plan property and how it will affect your chances of getting a mortgage.

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  • 4. What is a snagging list?

    A Snagging List is a survey conducted for new build houses to identify any flaws or mistakes in the construction prior to the new homeowner moving in.

    Although a new home won’t have the wear and tear expected with home which have had previous owners, the fast-build nature of new homes can mean there’s a chance of mistakes or unfinished areas in the property. The snagging list will ensure both the buyer and the housing developer are aware of these issues so they can be addressed before the buyer completes moves in.

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