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Some Other Selling Advice

About this guide

There are many things to consider when selling a home as it’s not always a simple and straightforward process. Whether you’re trying to sell on a deadline or are worried about selling below your asking price, there are a variety of things you can do to help speed the process along and ensure you’re fully prepared before receiving an offer. 

Compare My Move’s guides provide professional selling advice, easing you into the process and helping you improve your chances of selling more quickly. From adding value to your home to a brief timeline of the selling process, our expert advice will fully prepare you for when you decide to sell your property. 

  • 1. How to increase the value of your home

    Whether you’re considering selling your property or want to improve its chances, there are a few ways in which you can add value to your home. If you’re willing to put in the work and, possibly, the added expenses, then these improvements could potentially add up to 20% on the value of your property.

    From large renovations to budget improvements, Compare My Move go through a number of useful ways in which you can add value and help increase the chances of your property selling.

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  • 2. Should I sell or rent my home?

    When it comes to choosing whether to sell your house or rent it out, it's important to consider all options. Some people may benefit more from renting than selling and vice versa. There are benefits to both selling and renting as well as downsides.

    Ultimately, the choice to sell or rent out your property is entirely yours. Although, many homeowners fall into becoming landlords due to work commitments or through their houses failing to sell. Whether you’re researching renting out a property for choice or personal circumstances, there’s a lot to compare and a range of pros and cons to consider.

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  • 3. What devalues your home?

    Several factors play into how much your home is worth, such as location, square footage, school district and the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Everyone wants to keep their house maintained and looking modern, but some renovations and repair work can actually devalue your home.

    Our experts list the home renovations that could be devaluing your home, from too much wallpaper to bad landscaping, this guide will cover everything.

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