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Compare & Save on Your Property Survey Today

Speak to a Surveyor and save up to 70% today!

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Compare & Save on Your Property Survey Today

Speak to a Surveyor and save up to 70% today!

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The 10 Best Listed Building Surveyors in the UK

Adele MacGregor

Written by

16th Feb 2023 (Last updated on 4th Apr 2023) 7 minute read

Listed properties can be sought after and are often unusual and historically significant. These are protected by law and certain regulations must be adhered to.

They are likely to be older buildings and may have aspects out of the norm, such as a thatched roof. As a result, you must arrange for a survey before buying the home.

This can provide you with vital details such as required repairs and unique aspects of the home. Below we look at our top surveyors who have experience in assessing listed buildings. We also look at why a specialist is essential for this type of home and how you can find the right professional.

  1. Our Top 10 Building Surveyors
  2. How We Select These Companies
  3. What are the Types of Listed Buildings?
  4. Why Survey Do I Need?
  5. What Will a Listed Building Survey Look At?
  6. Finding a Listed Building Surveyor
The Top 10 Listed Building Surveyors



Camsure Homes



Reliable Surveyors



Your Surveyors



Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors

London and Surrey


Kirk-Brown Limited Chartered Surveyor



Just Surveying Limited



Able Surveyors Limited



Signature Surveyors

Tunbridge Wells


Lotus Surveyors Ltd



GAR Property Consultants Ltd


Our Top 10 Building Surveyors

Below we review our top surveyors who can assist with listed buildings and historic homes:

1. Camsure Homes

Camsure Homes are one of our top-rated surveyors who offer Level 3 surveys. Their team of RICS-regulated surveyors are experts in a variety of homes, from the 16th Century to the present day.

Camsure Chartered Surveyors

2. Reliable Surveyors

Reliable Surveyors are a London-based surveying firm. They can assist with Level 3 surveys and have experience in surveying listed homes. Their survey reports can provide you with essential information on the home.

Reliable Property Group

3. Your Surveyors

Your Surveyors are one of our best surveying partners offering Level 3 surveys. They can assist with historic homes, giving detailed information about construction and condition.

Your Surveyors

4. Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors

Prinsegate Chartered Surveyors offer RICS Home Surveys across Surrey and London, assisting with listed buildings and period homes. They work hard to ensure their customer service and surveying practices are industry-leading.


5. Kirk-Brown Limited Chartered Surveyor

Kirk-Brown Limited Chartered Surveyors is a Maidstone-based firm, offering RICS Level 3 Surveys. They can assist with listed and historic homes across Bromley, Rochester and Tonbridge.


6. Just Surveying Limited

Located in Leeds, Just Surveying provides professional survey and inspection services. If you’re looking to buy a listed building in the area, their expert surveyors can assist with a Level 3 survey.


7. Able Surveyors Limited

Able Surveyors are an independent firm of RICS Chartered Surveyors based in Essex. They can provide a Level 3 survey to assess historic and listed homes across the Home Counties.

able surveyors

8. Signature Surveyors

Based in Tunbridge Wells, Signature Surveys is another one of our top-rated surveyors who can assist with a listed building. They have a team of surveyors with a high level of experience, providing Level 3 surveys.

Signature Surveyors

9. Lotus Surveyors Ltd

Lotus Surveyors Ltd provide property surveying in Lincoln, Hull, Grimsby and Scunthorpe areas. Their Level 3 surveys are suitable for listed buildings. This ensures the home is thoroughly inspected and any concerns are flagged.


10. GAR Property Consultants Ltd

GAR Property Consultants is an independent chartered firm offering RICS Level 3 Surveys. They can assist those buying a listed building in North Wales, Wirral, Shrewsbury or Cheshire.

GAR Property Consultants Ltd

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How We Select These Companies

The list above features our top partners who can assist with listed buildings. We take into account reviews, customer feedback and the quality of services offered. This allows you to make an informed decision on the surveyor you opt for when buying a listed building.

Our Sales Team work hard to ensure we have only the best RICS and RPSA surveying partners on our network.

To join our surveying network, companies must pass a strict verification process. This makes sure they provide service of the highest quality. To pass verification, we check the following:

  • Professional Company Checks: We conduct a variety of professional company checks to ensure that the company is trustworthy and reliable.
  • Online Presence: The company must have an up-to-date website or RICS profile that provides relevant information including location and contact details.
  • Positive Reviews: We look at customer reviews to ensure that they are trustworthy.
  • Qualifications and Certifications: We look at the company's qualifications and certifications. Every surveyor who joins our network must be RICS or RPSA registered.
  • Code of Practice: All partners must follow our code of practice. This is a set of rules to ensure that they are serving customers to the highest standards.

Once on the network, our Partner Support Team monitor every partner, ensuring they continue to meet our standards.

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What are the Types of Listed Buildings?

The types of listed buildings differ depending on the location. Below we look at the differences across the UK:

England and Wales

In England and Wales, there are three categories; Grade I, Grade II, and Grade II*. All of these buildings are of special architectural and historic interest and are officially protected.

  • Grade I: Buildings of exceptional interest.
  • Grade II*: Buildings which are particularly important and more than “special interest”.
  • Grade II: Buildings of special interest and are the building most likely to be on the residential property market. According to Historic England, around 92% of all listed buildings are Grade II.


In Scotland, listed buildings are categorised as Category A, Category B and Category C.

  • Category A: Buildings of national or international importance. These are usually examples of a particular style or period. These will have very few imperfections and alterations.
  • Category B: Buildings of regional and local importance that may have been altered.
  • Category C: Buildings of local importance, lesser examples of period, style or building type and moderately altered.

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, listed buildings are categorised as Grade A, Grade B+ and Grade B1 and B2.

  • Grade A: Buildings of national importance that are examples of important styles or eras, with few alterations.
  • Grade B+: Buildings which would be Grade A but have been altered or damaged.
  • B1 and B2: Buildings of local importance and may have alterations or imperfections.

Properties across the UK may also have protected status in place when located in Conservation Areas. For more information on this see: Buying in a Conservation Area

Why Survey Do I Need?

When buying a listed property, it is highly recommended that you get a survey. The most suitable is a Listed Building Survey (also referred to as a Historic Building Survey). This is carried out by a chartered surveyor and is an assessment of the home. The survey can provide information about the condition, history and significance.

You could also arrange a RICS Home Survey Level 3, formerly known as a Building Survey. This is the most thorough of the RICS surveys, providing essential information about a home. Not only can it give an overview of the condition, but it can also provide details of the construction methods used to build the home.

For this type of survey, it would be worth seeking out a surveyor who is a specialist or familiar with historic and listed properties. Architectural experience would also be beneficial.

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What Will a Listed Building Survey Look At?

A survey will consist of a detailed visual inspection, looking at the makeup of a building and its condition. It can also reveal any potential issues and any developments it has had over time.

The report you receive will be like the Level 3 survey with regard to layout and detail. It will include a thorough run-down of areas inspected and any issues found. What makes it different to a Level 3 is the detail specific to historic properties.

The surveyor will review:

  • The structure of the building
  • The materials it was made with ((including internal plasterwork and external walls)
  • History and developments of the property
  • Any alterations
  • Any major issues
  • What work may need to be done on the home
  • Any proposed changes to the building
  • Details of any unauthorised alterations

Finding a Listed Building Surveyor

There are a few ways to search for a surveyor for the listed home you are looking to buy. These include:

  • Recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues
  • Search the RICS website
  • Reading reviews of local Listed Building Surveyor

You can also use Compare My Move to find a surveyor to conduct a RICS Home Survey Level 3. Many of our surveyors also offer valuations.

They will not only know about older, listed or heritage buildings, but they will also have local knowledge of the area.

Adele MacGregor

Having worked at Compare My Move for over four years, Adele covers topics such as the conveyancing process across the UK, property surveys, home moves and storage.

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