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The 10 Best Property Valuation Surveyors


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11th Jan 2023 (Last updated on 9th Feb 2024) 5 minute read

Whether you are buying, selling or need to know the current value of your property for legal reasons, you will need a property valuation surveyor.

A valuer will review the current property market. They will also consider a range of factors such as the location, size and condition of the property. This enables them to provide an accurate home valuation. Mortgage lenders will insist on a valuation before approving a loan for a buyer. Sellers use RICS-registered valuers to help them price their homes.

A property valuation surveyor can be used for a professional valuation for Help to Buy, Shared Ownership or legal reasons.

Below we look at some of our top surveyors who offer valuations among their services. We also look at what a valuer looks for and how much a valuation report costs.

  1. Our Top 10 Property Valuation Surveyors
  2. How We Select These Companies
  3. How Are Properties Valued?
  4. Can a Surveyor Value a Property?
  5. Is it Worth Getting a Valuation from a Surveyor?
  6. How Much Should a Property Valuation Cost?
  7. Can You Challenge a Valuation?
Top 10 Property Valuation Surveyors



Camsure Homes



C&C Surveying

London, Newcastle, Birmingham


AMM Surveying Service Ltd



Ark Surveyors



Kirk-Brown Limited Chartered Surveyor



Your Surveyors Ltd



Reliable Property Group



CK Consultancy Solutions



Peak Home Surveys Ltd



Sanguine Estates Limited


Our Top 10 Property Valuation Surveyors

1. Camsure Homes

Camsure Homes have a 5-star superb rating and over 50 5-star reviews. They’ve been chartered for over 35 years and are able to provide property valuations for a range of reasons.


2. C&C Surveying

Another 5-star rated surveying partner, C&C Surveying have offices in London, Newcastle and Birmingham. Offering valuations in addition to their surveying services, C&C Surveying pride themselves on exceptional service.

c&c surveying

3. AMM Surveying Service Ltd

A family-run business, AMM Surveying Services offer valuations across the East Midlands. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, AMM Surveying Services hold a 5-star review rating.


4. Ark Surveyors

Ark Surveyors Limited offer Valuation Reports across Bromley, Dartford, East London, Enfield, Ilford, North London, Romford and South East London. Regulated by RICS, Art Surveyors always work to the highest standards.

ark surveyors

5. Kirk-Brown Limited Chartered Surveyor

Kirk-Brown Limited Chartered Surveyor offer Valuations across Bromley, Rochester and Tonbridge. With expertise in the local area, they can provide an accurate market value of your home.

kirk brown

6. Your Surveyors Ltd

One of our best surveyors, Your Surveyors also offer valuations among their services. They can assist customers across the areas of Bromley, Canterbury, Dartford, Rochester, Redhill and South East London.

7. Reliable Property Group

Assisting customers across London, Reliable Property Group offers valuations alongside their surveying services. They have the skills and knowledge to provide top-quality surveys and valuations.

reliable surveyors

8. CK Consultancy Solutions

CK Consultancy Solutions offer Valuations across Wolverhampton, Birmingham, Dudley, Leicester and Walsall. The team prides itself on their customer service, ensuring they meet customer requirements.


9. Peak Home Surveys Ltd

Peak Home Surveys Ltd cover South Yorkshire, Derbyshire, and Nottinghamshire, offering property valuations for a range of purposes. They are members of both RICS and the Residential Property Surveyors Association (RPSA).

peak home surveyors

10. Sanguine Estates Limited

Sanguine Surveyors is owned by Jeremy Clayden, a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Jeremy has over 30 years of experience in residential property, including valuations.


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How We Select These Companies

The above is a list of our top surveying partners who offer property valuation services. We take into account reviews, customer feedback and the quality of services offered. This allows you as the customer to make an informed decision about which company is best for you.

The top five include our best surveyors who also take our valuation leads. The following five are a combination of new partners with excellent reviews and some of our best partners who can offer valuations.

Our Sales and Partner Support Teams work hard to ensure we have only the best partners on our network. All surveyors and valuers must be RICS registered before joining our network. Our Partner Support Team monitor all partners to ensure they meet our high standards.

How Are Properties Valued?

A Valuation Report is a basic inspection that will determine the estimated value of a home. It involves a short visit to the home, in addition to market research.

Properties are valued based on a few factors which include:

  • Type of property (including size and age)
  • How it was built and the materials it is made from
  • Number of bedrooms
  • The Property's location and local government zoning
  • Local market analysis - reviewing sold prices for surrounding properties
  • Condition of the home
  • Leasehold or freehold
  • Planning permissions
  • Additional property features such as improvements and extensions

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Can a Surveyor Value a Property?

Surveying firms often offer valuations as part of their services. A chartered surveyor can provide a valuation of a home.

Surveyors can provide valuations for a range of reasons. This includes mortgage valuations for lenders. They can also be hired by sellers looking for the market value of their homes.

Is it Worth Getting a Valuation from a Surveyor?

According to RICS; “Whether you are buying, selling or even gifting a house or flat, an accurate assessment of its market value can provide important insights.”

When buying a home, your mortgage lender will arrange a property valuation. This is to ensure their investment is secure. They need to be sure that the home is worth the amount they are offering you as a loan.
The lender will often organise the valuation, but the buyer is often responsible for the cost.

If you are selling a property, a valuation can help you set a guide price for the home. This can ensure you set a correct price and don’t undervalue or overprice your home. Undervaluing could mean losing out financially, but an overpriced home could stay unsold on the market.

Valuations are also necessary for remortgaging and many legal reasons. This includes during divorce proceedings, probate or for Help to Buy or Shared Ownership purposes.

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How Much Should a Property Valuation Cost?

On average, a Valuation Report costs around £320 in the UK, based on the average house price of £277,000.

A valuation cannot be a substitute for a survey. This is why the cost of a valuation is lower than that of a Level 1, 2 or 3 survey. The cost of your property valuation will depend on the type of property and location.

Other factors, such as the valuer or surveying firm you opt for will be a factor in the cost.

Estate Agent Valuations

Be aware that a Valuation Report is not the same as a valuation provided by an estate agent. When selling your home, estate agents should provide a free valuation of the home. This, however, will not have the same clout as a valuation from an RICS surveyor.

Can You Challenge a Valuation?

If a surveyor devalues the home you are looking to buy, some lenders may allow you to appeal the valuation. You will need to provide evidence to back up your appeal, such as sold prices for similar properties in the area.


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