Business Storage for Office Removals

Business Storage for Office Removals

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
21st September 2017 (Last updated on Tuesday 3rd October 2017)

Business Storage Solutions are designed to help companies to store items that are not immediately needed in the interim of a commercial relocation or free up valuable real estate at their offices and to maximise property costs. If you are moving offices or just aiming to create more space at your place of work, business storage solutions and professional storage facilities will keep your items secure and safely stored away. Compare My Move are partnered with Home and Office Removal Companies across the length and breadth of the country, many that will also offer tailored business storage solutions as part of their services.

Office Removals and Business Storage

Moving Office is a complex project. It takes a lot of work, careful planning and consideration, a little bit of stress and hair pulling perhaps but, it is definitely something that is perfectly achievable. Especially with the help of Compare My Move. We will help you to shortlist some commercial removal companies so that you can get a professional service and, at the best possible price.

Often, a crucial element of an office relocation is short or long-term business storage. The removal company that you use should be able to offer you some valid and convenient storage solutions. Business storage will come in very handy during your office move. If you have a need to store important files, documents, stock or over-stock, palletised goods or office furniture that you will not need immediately or if you have items that are taking up valuable real estate in your current office then business storage will work for you.

Many businesses find that they can actually save money by using business storage as it means they will not need to upscale to a larger office space to house all their extra documents, files or excess stock.

As businesses grow, client bases increase and therefore the amount of filing, paperwork or even stock will inevitably increase. Often, in the case of paperwork and important documentation, you will only need access to the paperwork occasionally and you may be required, by law, to hold onto it for a specific amount of time. Business storage is particularly relevant in these circumstances.

Things to Consider Before Choosing Your Business Storage Provider

Scale - Be sure that, whichever office storage company you choose, they have the ability to scale. As your business grows, the storage space that you require will grow. Find out if the facilities you are using can accommodate such growth.

Location - You will also want to make sure that the items you are storing are accessible to you so the location will need to be taken into consideration. Ideally, the facilities will be close to work and accessible to you and the relevant staff at convenient times.

Security – You will want to be certain that the facilities you use are safe and secure. Most business storage facilities will maintain sturdy security procedures. They should have alarms and CCTV and take suitable precautions against flood and fire risks. It is worth asking the business storage provider that you are considering if they offer comprehensive business insurance.

Bespoke Commercial Storage Solutions

Compare My Move’s commercial removal partners strive to offer their commercial customers tailored services on their office removal and bespoke storage solutions. They understand that no two office removal projects are the same and that you, your business, your staff and customers or clients will have very specific needs that must be met in order for the project to be a resounding success.

An expert move coordinator or project manager will meet with you to discuss your storage and removal requirements. Whether you are looking to store items short term, in the interim of the relocation or whether your aim is to free up space by storing the things that you do not need regular access to but can’t get rid of. Perhaps you require the facilities for archiving or warehousing. There will be a service that will suit you because the right service will cater to you.

If you are planning a business relocation then check out the Compare My Move ‘Moving Office Checklist’ for more useful advice.

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