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Your Guide to Moving Office

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
5th September 2017


Moving offices is not something that can be done overnight or on a whim. It needs to be carefully mapped out and professionally planned. Relocating your base of operations is no game. Luckily for you, you have found us so, we'll take it from here.


A successful office move will depend on precise planning. You are most certainly going to require a removal company for this task. You should begin by comparing the cost of office removals with Compare My Move. This is the smart thing to do as you will be offered competitive quotes, with no obligation to book, from up to 6 commercial removals companies.

Project Manager

It is a good idea to appoint a move coordinator or a project manager. The expression ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ springs to mind here.

Removal Company

Book your office removal company during the planning stage. You may also need to consider IT Relocation services. Some Compare My Move Removals Companies will offer this service as part of your move package and most will be able to advise at the very least.

Office Visit

Your Removal Company will visit you at your office and will also like to visit what will soon be your new office. This way, the experts can assess the requirements of your move and tailor the service to suit.

Timeline, Schedule and Budget

An important part of the planning stage will be deciding on a realistic timeline and schedule for the move. Your budget will also need consideration and all involved must know the budget and understand the importance of staying within this budget. Communication is key, make sure that all project managers and anyone involved in decision making are privy to all of this information.


Put the Word Out

As previously mentioned, information sharing is vital to a project like this. As part of your preparation stage, communicating with all those involved in your business is really important. Be sure to inform your staff of the move as well as your customers/clients, business partners, suppliers and service providers.

Measure Up

While preparing for your office move, you will need to measure the dimensions of your new office space to be sure that all your furniture, equipment… and people will fit in there… and comfortably.

Floor Plan

Your removal company should be able to assist in creating a floor plan. This is a must. You need to consider the location of all electrical outlets, workstations and storage.


Having appropriate connectivity will be a key factor in the suitability of the new office space. This can be a spanner in the works so be sure to consult IT and Telecoms companies/providers to check that servers and networks are up to par and able to handle all of your phones, computers and any other electrical and IT equipment needed for your business operations.


Remember to shut down or close accounts with utility providers at your old office… gas, electric, phone lines etc and set up new accounts at your new office.


One of the annoying things about changing your business address is that you probably now have a load of stationary or marketing materials rendered useless as the address on them is incorrect. Be sure to order new stationery with the new address on. Out with the old, in with the new.


Ask your chosen removal company to deliver boxes and packing crates ahead of moving day so that you can begin the packing. The movers will do most of this for you but, often, staff would like to pack up their own desks or offices. Remember to label boxes and crates so the movers know where they have come from and/or where they are going to.

Moving Office Tips


You must consider any parking or access issues at your current and new office. Is there room for the removal van, do you need a permit? Are there any access issues, narrow doorways, small lifts, lots of stairs? Discuss all of this with your removal company.

Keep the Staff in the Loop

You don’t need disgruntled staff when you are already dealing with the logistics of an office move. We are all creatures of habit and a new office is a big change for all involved. Be sure to keep your staff up to date with all plans so they won’t just feel like movable pieces.

Change of Address Notifications

Setting up a Change of Address Notification is important. An email blast to everyone who needs to know is a good way to do this. Another great tip is to leave a ‘We’ve Moved’ sign at your old address with details of the new address.

IT Testing

Be sure to have all IT Servers and equipment tested at your new office. This may be something that your own IT department can take care of or a job for the IT Relocation Specialists.

Check the Amenities

Don’t forget to check things like the communal areas, staff rooms, bathrooms and kitchen area at your new office. You’ll want to know that there’s running water and all other essential facilities.You might want to go all out and get the new place spruced up by getting an office designer in to make the most of your new space.

Team Leaders

It’s a good idea to have department heads act as team leaders and pitch together to coordinate the move. If all jobs are delegated, the stress levels should stay at a minimum.

 Office Moving Day Checklist

  • All desks to be cleared
  • Check all cupboards, drawers, cabinets and any other storage space (Tip – Keep all cupboard and cabinet doors open so at a glance you can see that you have everything).
  • Label all furniture to show where it needs to go at the new office.
  • Take extra care with electrical and valuable equipment (The Removal Company can safely pack these for you).
  • Have a quick check of your new office before you move your items in, make sure it is as promised/expected.
  • Test the phone lines, the internet connection and all equipment once set up.

And there you have it, all done. Now, all that’s left to do is get the Removal Company to collect any empty boxes and crates and settle into your shiny new office... Couldn’t hurt to throw the staff a little thank you party for all their understanding and hard work.

Last updated on Tuesday 5th September 2017

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