Compare My Move Launch Conveyancing Service

Compare My Move Launch Conveyancing Service

Written by Martha Lott
Written by Martha Lott
3rd December 2018 (Last updated on Wednesday 5th December 2018)

Following the successful introduction of our property surveying service in April, Compare My Move are proud to announce that we’ve launched a conveyancing service to complete your moving house experience. 

As conveyancing is such a vital process when it comes to buying and selling a house, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that we have an established network of fully qualified professional conveyancers on hand to make your move stress-free.

Our Conveyancing Service

Today sees the launch of our new conveyancing service that’ll connect customers with up to 4 licensed conveyancers or conveyancing solicitors from our network of fully regulated partners. We will help you find a trusted conveyancer to help with the sale, purchase or both sale and purchase of a house.

We have worked tirelessly to get the finest conveyancers and solicitors on board to help make your move a smooth one. You'll get the choice of up to 4 professional conveyancers that'll exchange contracts and plan a completion day on your behalf. 

Why Launch a Conveyancing Service?

We’re fully established as an award-winning home moving specialist, helping more than 100,000 UK home movers each year by connecting them with removal companies and surveyors. We felt the urge to launch a conveyancing service to help movers complete the moving house experience.

The success of our surveying service launch earlier this year that saw 10,000 enquiries for property surveys month on month, inspired us to launch our third service to help customers with their moving house process.

With our digital marketing team doubling and the addition of 6 new talented team members in 2018 alone, this allowed us to fully focus on introducing a trusted conveyancing service before the end of the year, achieving the goal we set out. 

Our Verification Process

Our team has been working hard to partner with only the best conveyancers in the business. We run a strict verification process meaning we only work with fully regulated licensed conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors. 

To ensure you receive a professional and quality service, our conveyancers will have to complete a four step verification process, including agreeing to a code of practice before coming on board.

They must be fully regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority), CLC (Council for Licensed Conveyancers), LSS (Law Society of Scotland) or LSNI (Law Society of Northern Ireland) with a fully working, legitimate website.

Finally, our hard-working team will search for third party reviews on the conveyancer. You'll have peace of mind knowing that if they have any negative feedback, we will not be working with them. 

If you're interested in joining our network, find out more on becoming a conveyancing partner.

How Do You Benefit?

Since the growth of our team this year, we have more dedicated people guiding you through the moving house process. 

Not only have we built up a trusted network of fully regulated conveyancers that will ensure you receive a first-class service, our digital marketing team have created informative conveyancing guides to direct you through the process of moving house. 

From how much conveyancing costs to what happens on completion day, our guides are filled with useful content to help answer anything you're unsure of when it comes to buying and selling a house.

Future Plans for Compare My Move

With 6 new team members joining Compare My Move in 2018, we’ve had the opportunity to achieve our goal by launching our conveyancing service before the year’s end. Compare My Move co-founder and owner Dave Sayce, gives an insight as to what's in store for the company's 2019.

This is an exciting time for Compare My Move as we see the launch of our third service, conveyancing. We aim to continue to expand our services in 2019 that will aim to help with your moving house process. With the growth of our hard-working team and a focus on increasing our network of partners across removals, surveying and conveyancing, customers will have some of the best companies to choose from.

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