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Best Places To Live In Germany

The Best Places to Live in Germany

We explore the best places to live in Germany for British expats, taking into account work, quality of life, and cost of living.

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Moving To France

Moving to France from the UK

The factors to consider if you're planning moving to France from the UK, including Brexit, where to live and work, and how to get around your new homeland.

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Moving To Spain From Uk

Moving to Spain from the UK

All you need to know about moving to Spain from the UK, including: where to work; where to live; how the healthcare and transport systems work; and how Brexit will affect expats.

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Future Of 3 D Printed Houses

3D Printing: A New Hope for Housing

Compare My Move explore the past, present and future of 3D printed housing. Will 3D printing technology solve the housing crisis, provide disaster relief, and even lead the way to the colonisation of the stars? A 3D printed future is closer than you think.

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Office Feature 1

The Ultimate Guide to Moving Office

From how to prepare to how to choose your removal company: everything you need to know about moving office.

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