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Retiring To Spain

Retiring to Spain from the UK

Dreaming about retiring to Spain? In this guide, Compare My Move explore all you need to know about retiring in Spain, including the best areas to live, how to access healthcare and your pension and also the potential effects of Brexit.

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Cost Of Living France

The Cost of Living in France

If you're looking to move to France from the UK, you'll want to know all of the costs involved. In this guide Compare My Move explore the everyday costs of living in France compared to the UK, including rent, house prices, everyday items, and salary.

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Retiring To France

Retiring to France from the UK

Thinking about retiring to France? International removal experts Compare My Move explore all you need to know about retiring in France, from accessing your pension to costs and healthcare.

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Land Tax Blog

Stamp Duty in Wales: The Land Transaction Tax Explained

The Land Transaction Tax replaces Stamp Duty in Wales from 1st April 2018: Compare My Move explain the changes, and explore the savings faced by the average home buyer in Wales.

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Best Places To Live In Germany

The Best Places to Live in Germany

We explore the best places to live in Germany for British expats, taking into account work, quality of life, and cost of living.

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