New Living Wage Development in Brighton

New Living Wage Development in Brighton Aims to Deliver More Affordable Homes

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
16th October 2017 (Last updated on Friday 19th January 2018)

As one of the UKs most sought-after locations and with its ever-growing popularity, Brighton is filling up. Compare My Move have carried out hundreds and hundreds of home removals in Brighton and so we know that the demand for housing is huge.

The Brighton and Hove council have expressed concerns about not keeping pace with the housing demand and that those on the new national living wage or on an average income are not able to find affordable homes in Brighton to rent or buy. So many young people are still living at home with no real chance of moving.

Plans have been announced recently by the Brighton and Hove council for a new housing development. The Housing and New Homes Committee have announced three priority sites to be considered for the development. The three locations they have agreed upon thus far are:

  • North West of Whitehawk
  • Clarendon Place in Portslade
  • Coldean Lane

The proposal is to set up a ‘Living Wage’ joint venture with Hyde Housing. Their aim is to build 1,000 new homes at a living wage level making them more accessible to those struggling to get on the property ladder or find an affordable home to rent in Brighton. The venture hopes to create:

  • 500 Homes to Rent (For residents of Brighton and Hove earning the new National living wage)
  • 500 Shared Ownership Homes (Affordable homes for Brighton and Hove residents on an average income)

According to the Brighton and Hove Council page, the decisions will now go to the Policy, Resources & Growth Committee on 12 October for final approval to proceed.

The priority in this venture is to build homes that are affordable for local people. With so many Londoners flocking to Brighton, the housing demand on the city is significant and solutions are needed. There are not enough low-cost rented homes available to keep up with the demand. The council has also promised to build new council housing.

Councillor Anne Meadows says:

 “This is the biggest commitment to affordable housing in the city for a generation and it’s taken a lot of work to make sure the venture’s business and financial models are robust. Once the foundations are in place and agreed, we can start looking at potential sites to build the 1,000 new homes.” 

For more information and to keep up to date with this plan, check out the Brighton and Hove Council Page.

(Image from Pixabay underCC0)


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