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Where Are the Best Schools in Birmingham?

Martha Lott

Written by

8th Nov 2017 (Last updated on 19th Jun 2020) 6 minute read

Best Secondary Schools in Birmingham

Here at Compare My Move, we know school catchment areas are a big consideration when moving house. So to help all of you Birmingham house movers, we’ve looked at the best ranked schools within the area and the cost of renting and buying property in the school catchment areas.

Here we’ve ranked the top 5 schools with comprehensive admissions in the Birmingham area, by Attainment 8 scores. The scores are based on student performance in the top 8 qualifications, with English and Maths double weighted.

Plus, we've put together the average costs of buying and renting within the schools catchment areas, to keep you fully informed before securing a place. So read on to find out the best secondary schools in Birmingham and which could be the best fit for you and your family.

Best Secondary Schools in Birmingham

5. The Arthur Terry School

The Arthur Terry School was the fifth highest comprehensive-admission secondary school in the Birmingham area for Attainment 8 scores in 2017. The school is based in the Four Oaks area of Sutton Coldfield.

An academy with students aged 11 to 18, the latest results state that 74% of students received a Grade 4 (C) or above in English and maths GCSEs, well above the local authority and national average of 60% respectively.

The school is also above average in terms of pupils progression between KS2 and KS4. The latest figures also give it a pupil to teacher ratio of 14, better than the national average of 15.3.

Distance lived away from the academy is a major factor for every section of the admission criteria for the school, with the last child admitted in 2017 living 1.884km from the school. If you're looking to live in areas of Mere Green, Doe Bank, Four Oaks, or as far as Hill Hook, you will likely be within this catchment area. Of course, admission criteria is likely to change year on year.

4. Nishkam High School

Nishkam High School was the fourth highest comprehensive-admission school for their attainment 8 scores this year. The school is based in North-west Birmingham and is a state-funded independent school with a Sikh-ethos. The school however is multi-faith and open to all.

Progress 8 score, which looks at pupil's progress between KS2 and KS4 in major subjects, put it well above the national average.

80% of students received a Grade 4 (C) in English and maths GCSEs, well above the national and local averages, and the latest Ofsted report called the school “Outstanding”.

The school has a pupil to teacher ratio of 14.2, better than the national average of 15.3.

After faith-based admission places and other criteria, admissions are ranked by proximity to the school. If you're looking at houses in the area of Lozells, Newtown and Hocklet in North-west Birmingham, you'll likely be within the catchment area.

3. Lordwood Girls' School and Sixth Form

Lordswood Girls’ School and Sixth Form Centre was third highest comprehensive admission school on Attainment 8 scores, sitting well above the local authority and England average and next on our list of the best schools in Birmingham. The school is based between the Harborne and Bearwood area of Birmingham.

In terms of student progress between KS2 and KS4, the latest results say that the school is in the top 12% of the nation. The latest Ofsted report called the school "Outstanding", and 77% of students got Grade 4(C) or above in English and maths GCSEs, well above the local and national averages.

In latest year for these to be published (2016) Pupil to teacher ratio was 12.2, a good ratio in comparison to the national 15.2.

As the name suggests, criteria for entrance is of course female-only. In 2017, the last child admitted was around 2km from the school, so living in the area near the school is of major importance. But 2km gives quite a bit of room for manoeuvre, and being sandwiched between the attractive areas of Harborne and Bearwood gives house-hunters a good range of options.

2. St Paul's School for Girls

St Paul’s School for Girls received the second top rank for Attainment 8 out of Birmingham secondary schools with comprehensive admission policies. The school is based in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham.

The all-girls school is non-selective with a Catholic ethos, and in an Ofsted report released this year, was given a rating of "Outstanding". The school’s Progress 8 score, which scores it out against the average England progression between KS2 and KS4 calls it “well above average”, in the top 12% in England.

82% students received a Grade 4 (grade C) and above in English and Maths GCSEs, well above the local authority average for state-funded schools and England.

The admission criteria prioritises those of a Catholic faith, but it's worth knowing housing costs in the immediate area around the school. The closest area to look out for a house will be in the area near the Edgbaston reservoir and the Ladywood area.

1. Kings Norton Girls' School

Kings Norton Girl’ School tops the list for best performing secondary school with a comprehensive entrance policy in Birmingham. As the name might suggest, the school is for girls, and is based in the Kings Norton area of Birmingham. The school's most recent Ofsted rating found it to be "Outstanding", and its Attainment 8 score tops the list. The school results came out well above the national average too.

Its Progress 8 score found it well above average, so in the top 12% of the UK in terms of student progression from Key stage 2 to 4. According to the latest figures released in 2016, the school has 15.1 pupil to teacher ratio, just below the national average of 15.3.

According to the latest figures, 77% of students received a Grade 4 and above (grade C) in English and maths GCSEs, high in comparison to the Birmingham local authority average of 60%.

Living within the catchment area is important, as children closest to the school get priority under admission criteria. The furthest child admitted during 2017 lived around 2km from the school. With this in mind, unless your residence is the near-by Cadbury World you should be looking for property in the Lifford, Bournville, Stirchley and Cotteridge areas south of Birmingham.

Headteacher Ms Gill Fox said: “We are very proud to be a school which both serves and is at the very heart of our  community. The partnerships we foster with parents ensure the highest possible outcomes for students, which includes boys in the Sixth Form.”

Image courtesy of Kings Norton Girls' School

Cost of Living Next to the Best Birmingham Secondary Schools

We've revealed the top 5 secondary schools in Birmingham, but what about the cost of living within the school catchment areas? Here we go through the average cost of buying and renting a property in the area immediately around the top 5 schools. Don't forget to factor in your removal costs when pricing the move to or around Birmingham. 

Average house prices based on Zoopla Zed-Index for September 2019 and average rent taken from current Zoopla averages for September 2019, based on postcode area around the secondary school
Secondary SchoolAverage House PriceAverage 3-bed House PriceAverage Asking Rent (pcm)Average 3-bed Rent (pcm)
The Arthur Terry School£567,708£378,912£1,269£1,356
Nishkam High School£249,104£162,488£761 £776
Lordswood Girls' School and Sixth Form Centre£358,624£375,481£958£1,157
St Paul's School for Girls£246,565£298,181£803£856
Kings Norton Girls' School£239,671£275,070£714£890

Compare My Move in Birmingham

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Until then, check out our ultimate guide to moving to Birmingham for tips and tricks ahead of your big moving day.

Martha Lott

Written by Martha Lott

Having written for Huffington Post and Film Criticism Journal, Martha now regularly researches and writes advice articles for everything moving house related.

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