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Brighton's great but what about Hove?

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
9th October 2017 (Last updated on Friday 19th January 2018)

There is no denying that Brighton is a stunning part of the World. Known for being one of the happiest and the most welcoming places in the UK, is it any wonder that so many people wish to live there? 

For several years now, people from all over the UK have been flocking to the shores of Brighton to set up home with the vast majority coming from London, swapping their muggy city life for a breezy and tranquil life near the sea. We have this on good authority here at Compare My Move as our Brighton based removal companies are many and so many of our UK wide removal partners have helped people move to Brighton.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford the shockingly high house prices in Brighton.

Brighton’s Sister City Hove is often overlooked which is a travesty. Brighton and Hove makes up what is a glorious twin city and yet Brighton gets all the attention. Hove is more than just the less famous sister of Beautiful Brighton, it has a charm of character and undeniable beauty all of its own. 

There’re the pretty and grandiose Regency buildings at the Sea Front (it’s not just Brighton that has them). Beautiful beaches, lush green open spaces, quirky shops, popular restaurants and cafes… Seriously, what has Brighton got that Hove hasn’t?

Let’s take a look at exactly why Hove is awesome… and more to the point, why it is just as awesome as Brighton.

Hove has beaches too

Yes, that’s right. The beaches don’t just live in Brighton. Hove has them too and they are every bit as beautiful. What’s more, the beaches in Hove are a little further out so they are somewhat quieter. The beaches in Brighton have two seas, the one with the water and the other is a sea of tourists!

Perfect for Families

Listed as one of the most desirable places to live in the UK, Hove attracts plenty of families and as Brighton becomes more and more expensive, Hove is often the better choice for families. Don’t let that fool you mind, Hove is also a fairly expensive part of the UK to live but it is every bit as beautiful as Brighton or anywhere else in the UK for that matter.

Recognisable Green Beach Huts

The beach huts of Brighton are a really quirky feature but, guess what? Hove has huts too! The famous green beach huts spread across to Hove Lagoon and, in December they are opened to the public as a unique Advent Calendar.

Nice Easy Commutes

Hove is pretty conveniently connected. There are around 6 trains every hour into Worthing and half-hourly to London taking approximately 60-70 minutes. For drivers, the A27 and A23 are a 15-minute drive from Hove.

Best of Both Worlds

Hove may be smaller than Brighton but it is full of shops, clubs, pubs and cafes but it isn’t overrun with tourists or full of hen and stag dos at the weekends. The best thing about Hove is that you really can properly enjoy the best of Brighton and Hove when you live there. 

You have everything you could need in Hove but when you want to attend the big events of Brighton or visit the beaches or larger shopping centres of Brighton, it is close enough that you can enjoy it as much as anyone who lives there.

So if you are thinking of Moving to Brighton, spare a thought for Hove before you choose your dream home. Wherever you end up you can be sure that one of our removal companies will get you there.

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