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Best Areas of Cardiff for First-Time Buyers

Zenyx Griffiths

Written by

23rd Apr 2019 (Last updated on 23rd Oct 2020) 8 minute read

Best Areas of Cardiff for First-Time Buyers

The average price that first-time buyers spent on properties in Cardiff during January 2019 is £185,044.

Cardiff has a variety of areas perfect for first-time buyers to happily settle into whilst keeping within an affordable budget. Compared to the more expensive areas of the UK, it’s easier to get onto the property ladder in Cardiff whilst also acquiring larger properties for your money. 

Before searching for the most dependable Cardiff removal companies to help you with your move, set yourself the right budget and browse our guide of the 10 best areas of Cardiff for first-time buyers.

What Can First-Time Buyers Get for Their Money in Cardiff?

According to the House Price Index, in January 2019 first-time buyers spent on average £185,044 on their first homes in Cardiff. However, this has currently increased to £196,576 according to Zoopla, with the average deposit for first-time buyers in the UK at £32,841.

To aid you in your research, Compare My Move has created a list of the property types you can get when moving to Cardiff with a first-time buyer’s budget of between £185,000 to £195,000, using data collected from Zoopla’s current average asking prices for different property types.

Area of LondonType of PropertyCurrent Asking Price


4-bedroom house



3-bedroom house



3-bedroom house



2-bedroom house



2-bedroom house



2-bedroom house


St Mellons

2-bedroom house



2-bedroom house


City Centre

2-bedroom flat


Cardiff Bay

2-bedroom house


Data from Zoopla, correct as of April 2019.

10 Best Areas of Cardiff for First-Time Buyers

1. Splott

In the last year, the overall price of properties in Splott was £162,295, according to Right Move. This makes it one of the cheapest areas of Cardiff for first-time buyers, perfect for those looking to take their first step onto the property ladder. The majority of property sales in Splott last year were terraced houses with an average asking price of £168,114. For those looking for larger houses, semi-detached properties sold for an average of £174,800.

Splott is a mere 7-minute journey to Cardiff City Centre by car and an easy 30-minute walk. For those looking for an active lifestyle, Star Centre is a leisure centre situated in Splott with a variety of facilities available like badminton courts, a fitness suite and swimming pool, perfect for sports-lovers or families looking for fun activities.

2. Ely

The birthplace of two very different legends, Ryan Giggs and Shakin’ Stevens, Ely is a great place in Cardiff to call home with affordable properties to suit first-time buyers. According to Right Move, the average sold price for all property types in the last year was £151,118, making it cheaper than its surrounding areas.

Semi-detached houses sold for an incredibly affordable £148,833, meaning that even on a budget, first-time buyers can get more for their money in Ely. Terraced properties sold for an average price of £131,479, whilst detached properties averaged at £244,378. For those looking to commute to Cardiff Central, it’s a mere 16-minute drive depending on traffic.

3. Llanrumney

Another great area of Cardiff for first-time buyers, Llanrumney’s overall average price was £160,812. Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £168,049 whilst terraced houses sold for £150,199, both great prices when moving within a budget.

With a variety of great schools in Cardiff situated nearby, Llanrumney is perfect for young families looking to find their first home. If you’re looking to commute, it’s a mere 20-minute journey to Cardiff Centre by car or there’s also the option of catching the train for a 30-40-minute journey.

4. Grangetown

Right Move data reveals that in the last year, the overall average price for property in Grangetown was £176,609, below the average price first-time buyers spent on their first homes in Cardiff. The majority of those sales were for terraced houses, averaging at a price of £193,564.

Only 10-minutes to Cardiff Central by car, Grangetown is great for those looking to commute as well as move within a budget. With Cardiff Ice Arena, Grangetown Library and The Channel View Centre to get you moving, there’s a lot of fun facilities to explore.

5. Rumney

Another average below the price first-time buyers spent on their first homes in Cardiff, Rumney had an overall average sold price of £172,548 according to Right Move. Terraced properties sold for an average price of £180,836 and flats averaged at £98,985. The majority of sales were on semi-detached properties with an average sold price of £192,517.

18-minutes by car from Cardiff City Centre or an average of 30-minutes by train, Rumney is perfect for commuters or those looking to live just outside of the hectic city life.

6. Fairwater

An affordable area in Cardiff for first-time buyers, Fairwater has easy access to the M4 and is only a 20-minute journey to Cardiff Centre by car. The overall average sold price in the last year was £184,550, with terraced houses selling for an average of £172,661.

Fairwater Park is a beautiful green space, perfect to explore with children or beloved pets. The ancient brook runs throughout the suburb and the site is used as a dry ski slope for exciting adventures with the family. There’s also Fairwater Green that is a local collection of shops, named so because of the spacious, green areas nearby.

7. St Mellons

A 22-minute journey to Cardiff Central by car, St Mellons is one of the more expensive areas on the list with an overall average selling price of £200,488 in the last year. However, it all depends on the specific location as terraced properties sold for an average of £150,781, proving that there are affordable properties for first-time buyers in St Mellons.

Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £177,497, with detached properties selling for £289,792 according to Right Move. There’s a mix of modern and older properties to choose from, ensuring that you’re able to find the perfect first home for you.

8. Roath

Not only an area perfect for first-time buyers, but Roath also features as number one on our list of the best areas of Cardiff. The average overall sold price for properties in Roath last year was £222,019. However, with a little bit of hunting, you can find amazing properties to fit within your budget still.

Only 15-minutes from Cardiff Centre, Roath is a multi-cultural and diverse area with vibrant streets perfect for those looking for some retail therapy. There’s a variety of unique restaurants to choose from as well as the annual Made in Roath festival for the creative or literary lovers living in Cardiff. It contains an extremely close-knit community with a mix of all types of residents, from young families to students.

9. Cardiff City Centre

Right at the heart of Cardiff is Cardiff City Centre. It’s the perfect area for those looking to live amongst the bustling city as well as being within walking distance from work or the local shops. As a first-time buyer, you may not immediately consider the City Centre as it may seem too expensive. However, according to Zoopla, the current overall asking price is £169,603, with a few 2-bedroom houses selling for an affordable £120,000.

Cardiff is a vibrant, multi-cultural city that can be the perfect home. In the City Centre, you’re in the middle of it all! With theatres, thrift shops, historic castles, local markets and amazing art galleries all situated on your doorstep.

10. Cardiff Bay

Another area of Cardiff that first-time buyers mistakenly dismiss is Cardiff Bay. There can be a range of highly expensive properties close to the actual Bay but this doesn’t reflect the overall property market in this area. In the last year, the average overall sold price in Cardiff Bay was £185,340 according to Right Move. This amount still falls under the brackets of the first-time buyer budget for Cardiff.

With trains running every 12-minutes, it doesn’t take long to reach Cardiff Queen Street Station, merely a few minutes. There are annual festivals and fairs to explore as well as the Millennium Centre for those who love music or theatre productions. There are so many sports facilities available that you’ll never be bored whilst living in Cardiff Bay.

Help-to-Buy Cardiff

No matter where you are in the UK, it can still be difficult to save up enough money for a deposit. Many first-time buyers are now using Help-to-buy schemes like the Help-to-Buy ISA to aid them in the process. It’s a government scheme that has recently been extended to 2023. Whilst you’re still looking for the perfect place to call home, it may be wise to follow in their footsteps to help you save much more quickly. You can open your account with an initial deposit of up to £1,000.

To boost your savings, the government will make a contribution of 25% so that for every £200 you save, you’ll receive £50. The maximum bonus you can earn is £3,000, adding a large chunk to your deposit. As Help-to-Buy ISAs are available to each person and not each home, you could potentially earn a bonus of up to £6,000 if you’re moving in with a partner or friend.

You can use this bonus to buy any home worth up to £250,000 in Cardiff. It’s an amazing way to help you take your first steps onto the property ladder and ensure that you save up much more quickly for that crucial deposit.

Saving Money on Your Cardiff Move

Now that you’ve found the best areas of Cardiff for first-time buyers, it’s time to also save money on your move! Simply fill out our quick and easy form to get connected with up to 6 reliable removal companies in your area.

Zenyx Griffiths

Before Compare My Move, Zenyx once wrote lifestyle and entertainment articles for the online magazine, Society19 as well as news articles for Ffotogallery.

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