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Choosing The Right Moving House App

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
11th November 2015 (Last updated on Monday 21st August 2017)

Moving might seem like a straightforward task, but people often underestimate just how much planning and organisation goes into it. A moving house app can help reduce the stress of moving by getting you organised and making things much easier.

Smartphones nowadays have given us the opportunity to make informed decisions about things we might have no knowledge about, and make us wonder how we ever did anything without them.

These selected apps for Android and iPhone have been developed to make the moving process that much easier, by providing everything from visual inventory to calculating the weight of your items.

Benefits of Using A Moving House App

  • It will keep you organised
  • It will save you time and effort
  • It's all right there in your pocket!

cPro Craiglist

For a lot of people, moving house can expose just how much clutter they truly have. To avoid wasting time packing unnecessary things that will just take up room in the new place, Craigslist is a useful app for people to give away items they don't want or need, and even make some money through selling.

The app is easy to use, and allows you to filter and customize your searches and sends you alerts and notifications when something comes up.

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone and Android

Roomle – 3D Home and Office

This is the ultimate moving house app if you're planning on where to put your furniture. Roomle helps you digitally create your floorplan, allowing you to visualise and draw each room to scale and move furniture around without having to physically lift and move tables and sofas.

The app takes some getting used to, but the tutorials are extremely helpful – if you're struggling and forget what you have to do, you can simply go back to the tutorials and have a look. If you make a mistake or change your mind about the plan, you can easily undo or redo an action.

Once you understand how to plan the rooms and move the furniture, the app is quite fun to use and eliminates the exhaustion of moving furniture.

Roomle is available on the iPhone, but the small icons can make it difficult to draw accurately – using the iPad would provide a better user experience.

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone and Android


Dealing with unnecessary traffic on moving day is the last thing anyone wants. Waze prevents this happening by sending you alerts about any sudden traffic, accidents, or construction that could cause a delay in your journey.

The app works by automatically connecting the user to other drivers, anonymously, and then collecting the data based on GPS navigations to find more efficient and time-saving routes. This tackles the problem of using out of date satnav which doesn't always account for sudden changes during a journey.

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone and Android


An important aspect of moving is taking inventory. If you aren't a very organized person, this can mean making and losing too many lists.

Evernote is a user-friendly and visually appealing app that will help you organise all your moving lists and notes and sync them to all your devices to be accessed whenever you need them. It can even sends reminders of tasks to be completed via email and through alerts on the app.

Price: Free or Premium £34.99 package per year

Platform: iPhone and Android


If you haven't moved yet but are looking to rent or buy, Zoopla is an extremely user-friendly app that allows you to search through hundreds of thousands of house listings through post code or area.

To narrow your search, enter your budget, the distance from the location you want and sort by the type of property, as well as your preferred number of bedrooms.

If you happen to see a property you are interested in, simply point the camera in the direction of the property and Zoopla will tell you if it's for sale and how much it previously sold for.

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone and Android


Moving house can mean a lot of stuff gets lost in the chaos of packing and unpacking what feels like thousands of boxes.

Sortly helps you organise all your appliances, furniture and other items by creating a visual inventory of them.  Take a picture of whatever item you plan on packing, and categorize it by adding it to a specific folder.

The free version of the app allows up to 200 items for cloud storage, whereas the premium package allows unlimited storage.

One of the most useful features of Sortly's premium package is the ability to print off QR code labels and assign them to boxes. By scanning these codes, you can then see exactly what items are inside, making it easier to search for and manage your stuff.

Price: Free or Premium £5.99 package

Platform: iPhone only


Moving into a new place can seem daunting due to the stress of decorating, cleaning and maintenance, but BrightNest is so efficient it makes these chores seem easy.

This moving house app works by collecting information about the property - what appliances it contains, how many people live there, if there are any pets, where it is and what you want to do with it.

The app is fantastic and easy to navigate. It provides tips on everything from budgeting, to decorating, to pest control. It also has a scheduling feature which reminds you to check household appliances before they need to be repaired and end up costing money.

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone and Android

We hope you've found these apps useful, but if you think we've missed any good ones, let us know at @CompareMyMove. We do recommend you consider using a moving house app to make things easier around moving day. However, if technology is not your thing or you just do not own a smart phone then maybe our traditional moving house checklist could be a better option for you.

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