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A Guide to Council Tax in London

Zenyx Griffiths

Written by

22nd Sep 2016 (Last updated on 1st Nov 2019) 3 minute read

council tax in london

Council tax is tax on domestic property the council uses to pay for local services such as schools, rubbish collection, roads and street lighting.

Of course, living in London is generally a more expensive. The amount of council tax you pay in London is based on which of London's 33 council boroughs you live in as well as what property price band your house is categorised as.

Property bands were last assessed in 1991, and although prices have drastically changed over the years, your property's council tax band is still calculated according to the 1991 findings.

The bands are graded from Band A-H, with A being the cheapest and H being the most expensive.

This week, outline the conditions that can change or reduce your council tax band valuation, as well as some prices for council tax in London.

Changing Your Council Tax Band

Generally, paying council tax in London is compulsory, however your property can be revalued and put in a different band in certain circumstances, such as:

  • You demolish your property and don't rebuild it.
  • You split a single property into self-contained flats.
  • You convert flats into a single property.
  • The previous owner made changes to your property.
  • There have been significant changes to your local area, such as a new road being built.
  • A similar property in the area may have had its council tax band changed

If you believe your property is in the wrong council tax band, you can challenge it. You should have a decision from the Valuation Office Agency within two months, but in the meantime you still have to pay council tax.

Reduction to your Council Tax Band

If you or someone you live with in London has a disability, it is possible to get reductions on your council tax. You may need an extra bedroom, bathroom or kitchen to accommodate the specific needs of the disability.

These reductions ensure that disabled people aren't paying more taxes because of the additional space they require for their everyday activities.

Once you find out if you are entitled to a reduction your council tax bill will be reduced to the next valuation band down from yours. For example, if you are in Band E and are eligible for a reduction, your property will now be listed as Band D.

The following are some examples of the London Council Tax Bands you would be paying in 2016/2017. If you're one of the many London house movers wanting the cheapest deal, it's worth considering the price difference between North London and South London before planning on where to live in London.

Council Tax Bands: North London


Band A£931.38
Band B£1,086.61
Band C£1,241.84
Band D £1,397.07
Band E£1,707.53
Band F£2,017.99
Band G£2,328.45
Band H£2,794.14


Council Tax Bands: North East London

Tower Hamlets

Band A£797.90
Band B£930.89
Band C£1,063.86
Band D£1,196.85
Band E£1,462.81
Band F£1,728.79
Band G£1,994.75
Band H£2,393.70


Council Tax Bands: East London


Band A£827.03
Band B£964.87
Band C£1,102.70
Band D£1,240.54
Band E£1,516.22
Band F£1,791.90
Band G£2,067.57
Band H£2,481.09


Council Tax Bands: South East London


Band A£981.62
Band B£1,145.22
Band C£1,308.83
Band D£1,472.43
Band E£1,799.64
Band F £2,126.84
Band G£2,454.05
Band H£2,944.86


Council Tax Bands: South West London


Band A£996.09
Band B£1,162.10
Band C£1,328.12
Band D£1,494.13
Band E£1,826.16
Band F£2,158.19
Band G£2,490.22
Band H£2,988.26


Council Tax Bands: West London


Band A£918.16
Band B£1,071.19
Band C£1,224,21
Band D£1,377.24
Band E£1,683.29
Band F£1,989.35
Band G£2,295.40
Band H£2,754.48


If you're considering a house move to London, be aware that different areas have very different council tax band prices! Of course, you can get reductions on your property due to certain circumstances or disabilities, but you will have to continue to pay the same amount until you receive a decision. If you're still unsure, you can always consult your London conveyancing solicitor for more details. 

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Zenyx Griffiths

Before Compare My Move, Zenyx once wrote lifestyle and entertainment articles for the online magazine, Society19 as well as news articles for Ffotogallery.

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