What Can Your Money Buy?

Homes in Different Area Codes: What Can Your Money Buy?

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
26th October 2014 (Last updated on Monday 21st August 2017)

The average price of a home in Britain is now a whopping £272,000, higher than it has been for years! But have you ever wondered if you sold your home, what type of property you would be able to afford elsewhere?

Here we will compare properties from across the country and the globe, all being marketed for the below average cost of £200,000. Could you get more for your money?


The British capital is known for its robust and competitive property market. It withstood the 2007 property boom and bust, so you can only imagine the types of prices expected for its prime located properties.

In an average area such as Shepherd's Bush, Brixton or an equivalent, for this amount you would only be able to afford a 1 bedroom flat. And not a very big one at that. When buying property in London it is all about the modern conveniences of being close to the tube and the high street.

Don't expect any outside space for this price and you will be extremely lucky to have a parking space.


Property prices are generally lower in Wales than England, so your money should stretch considerably further. A short walk from the city centre in Llandaff, £200,000 will buy you a 3 bedroom semi-detached property, with a large garden and plenty of parking. Or head down to Cardiff Bay's Prospect Place where you can buy a brand new 2 bedroom flat with stunning panoramic views of the water. If you're considering moving to Cardiff then make sure you read our handy guide, covering everything from transport, schools and things to do!


Scotland's capital falls somewhere in between the two previous property types. Here you could afford a 2 bedroom flat with period features for the same budget. Like in London, the property market here is extremely competitive and houses are sold in mere days, so if you want to make the move to Scotland don't hang around.

Republic of Ireland

After the property crash a few years ago, Ireland was hit really hard. As a result property prices still haven't fully recovered so you can get a big bang for your buck. A modern 5 bedroom detached property in Drumlish, with plenty of land, will cost you only £200,000.

Like many countries, the property market varies greatly in the US. A £200,000 property would get you a 2 bedroom flat in Pleasanton, California, a 5 bedroom house in Lexington, Kentucky, or a studio flat in Manhattan, New York.


Dubai is one of the world's fastest growing cities and everyone wants to get a spot here. The majority of homes here are high rise apartments in private buildings, which fully cater for their residents with all the amenities you could ever wish for.

For this price however you'd only be able to afford a 1 bedroom home.


The Mediterranean has amazing weather, delicious food and affordable housing it seems. £200,000 will stretch a lot further in Italy, that is, apart from in Rome, where prices are high like all our other capitals on this list.

This budget would buy you a 3 bedroom traditional stone detached house in Santa Maria Della Versa or a grand 4 bedroom period home in Ascoli Piceno.


A popular holiday destination for us Brits, Spain has some stunning properties. In a popular holiday resort like Alicante you would be able to buy a 3 bedroom townhouse, or if you head away from the resorts and into the ‘real' Spain, £200,000 would buy an 8 bedroom country house in Cortijo Maravilloso, Almeria. So start learning the language quick!


Our southern neighbours have a similar property market to Spain. A 2 bedroom apartment in the ski resort of Les Gets would cost the same as an 8 bedroom mansion in Courdures. The more remote you are, the more house you'll get for your money.

Have the prices around the globe inspired you to move country? Then check out our international removals page and get some quotes for your big move!

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