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How To Make Estate Agents Work For You

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
25th March 2017 (Last updated on Thursday 1st November 2018)

Selling your home can be a difficult and draining experience. But it doesn't have to be if you pick the right estate agent. Unsurprisingly, for each good estate agent that will make your life easy there is also a bad estate agent who will make the selling process hard. There's a couple of ways to get the estate agent to do the best job they possibly can.

Pick the Best Estate Agent

There is one simple way to avoid a lot of the issues with estate agents: Avoid bad estate agents.  When choosing your estate agent, look at online reviews or objective data that show the estate agents' market share, speed of sale, percentage of the asking price achieved. Some websites can also show you the estate agents' actual fee quotes. Once you've found the three best agents that have sold many properties in your local area, make sure that they are achieving a good percentage of the asking price relative to the local competitors.  Then ask them out to visit your home for a free valuation.

Lars Gooch, director of East London estate agents Keatons adds "It’s vital that you pick an estate agent who understands the area and the local property market. Only then can they accurately predict the market direction and correctly value your home, so you get a realistic picture of how much your home is worth.”

Let the Estate Agents Know They are in Competition

One of the best ways to get estate agents to bend over backwards for you is to let them know that they are in competition. If you do this, they will immediately know that they need to offer you fair terms and a fair price.  One thing to be wary of is that they may try to value your property too highly in order to win your business. Make sure you check the historic percentage of the asking price achieved on GetAgent to ensure that the valuations they give are in the ball park of where they end up selling their properties.

Are Professional Photography and Premium Property Portal Listings Included?

Sometimes professional photography and premium portal listings are part of the estate agent's standard package. However, often they are not and estate agents charge extra for this. There is no harm in asking as they may end up offering to include this in their standard fee for you. Premium listings and professional looking photos will show off your home in the best light possible.

Is Your Home Unusual?

If you have a property that is somewhat unique to ‘standard homes' it may be worth asking the estate agent how they would market the property differently. This is to see whether they have experience selling unusual properties. Often the national estate agencies will have specialised departments that can get generate buyers from across the country.

Clean Up Your Home

Estate Agents will look at your home and determine how quickly they can sell it. This will also determine how low they can go when it comes to their fees. Therefore, presenting your house in the best possible light prior to a valuation will give the estate agent the impression that your house will require little effort and sell quickly. Make sure the garden is in good shape, trimmed and freshly mowed. Clear your clutter and give the walls a fresh lick of paint if they need it. Move some of your things into storage if you have nowhere else to place them. Little efforts like having fresh flowers in your living room and air fresheners throughout the property will go a long way to make the estate agent and later on potential buyers view your property in the best light possible. If they see you putting pride in your property you can be sure that they will think that your property will sell quickly and thereby offer you a lower fee if you are willing to negotiate.

The above tips are not rocket science. All we are doing is putting ourselves in estate agents' shoes. Keep in mind all the above tips and you'll be able to select an excellent estate agent who will give you a great deal. However, they will also be motivated enough to go the extra mile and find that perfect buyer.

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