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Why You Should Move to Bristol

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
17th November 2016 (Last updated on Tuesday 26th March 2019)

Are you thinking about a Move to Bristol? Bristol is one of the most popular cities in the UK for people to move to, with a rich, vibrant history, beautiful architecture and diverse artistic and cultural choices, many of which are driven by the city's student population. The city was also named 2015's European Green Capital, so if you're one of many of the Bristol house movers, there is plenty of countryside to enjoy when you need to escape the chaos of city life.

But that's not all; take a look at the best reasons to move to Bristol as soon as you can.

Lower Cost of Living

If you're thinking of living in Bristol, one of your concerns is going to be the cost of living. Luckily, it is much cheaper than London, but slightly more expensive than Cardiff or Manchester.

You will Unintentionally get Fit

One of Bristol's most well-known features is that no matter where you go, you will need to walk uphill, so prepare to develop those leg muscles.

Look at the Amazing Street Art

Everyone has heard about world-famous Bristol-born artist Banksy, but living in Bristol will expose you to so much more street art to enjoy. Just visit North Street or Nelson Street to see the amazing artwork.

Go to the Festivals

If you're a fan of festivals, Bristol is the place for you during the summer. There's always something on, from Love Saves the Day, to Mayfest and Balloon Fiesta.

Visit Clifton Suspension Bridge

Bristol's most famous landmark is one of the top tourist attractions and loved by locals. Built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the bridge is a beautiful construction and over 150 years old.

Drink the Cider

Bristol is the epicentre for the finest ciders around, so you will love living here if it's your preferred drink. If it's not, you will probably soon be converted!

Food Choices

No matter what your preference, there are enough restaurants and cafes to cater to all tastes. Living in Bristol, you will always find somewhere you like to eat or just have a cup of coffee and people watch.

Thriving Music Scene

There is a hugely varied music scene in Bristol, with several live venues to choose from.

Green Space

Living in Bristol means you can escape the city by driving in any direction for 20 minutes and finding countryside and beautiful views.

Good Transport Links

Transport in Bristol is excellent, with regular bus routes running throughout the city. The city's location is useful, as you can be in Cardiff within 40 minutes, and London 90 minutes by rail. There's also a huge and developing cycling community.


Bristol holds countless theatres, exhibitions, and galleries to enjoy, and has a vibrant nightlife with several pubs, bars and nightclubs.

If you are considering a move to Bristol, you can expect to deal with a lot of hills, enjoy some incredible festivals, and regularly see fantastic street art on a daily basis. When you decide to move, contact to get free quotes on removals and save up to 70% on your moving costs.

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