6 Reasons to Move From London to Glasgow

6 Reasons to Move From London to Glasgow

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
24th October 2017 (Last updated on Tuesday 26th March 2019)

This is a pretty random one for sure, but today, we are here to tell you that there are a whole bunch of reasons to swap London for Glasgow. Glasgow is awesome and those of us that have spent long periods of time living in London and have become institutionalised, yes that’s right, institutionalised, can’t imagine leaving what they view as a metropolitan paradise for a grey and gloomy existence in the quiet wilderness of Glasgow.

Well, believe it or not, people do it… and the majority of those that flee the Big Smoke to head for Glorious Glasgow, find themselves very happy that they did. 

Compare My Move facilitate tons of removals to Glasgow. If you are currently ‘existing’ in London and in need of a change then here are the reasons to go and ‘live’ in Glasgow.

Reason number 1 – In London you are poor, in Glasgow, you are flush.

OK, slight exaggeration there but the point is, living in London is expensive. Like really expensive. There is actually a charge to use toilets in some underground stations. What’s with that? That aside, the cost of rent and property in London is insane.

Despite this, we still find ourselves squeezing into measly digs in the rough end of town with what sometimes feels like 10 other people just to be able to update our Facebooks to say, ‘Lives in London’ or because we have been convinced that London is THE place to live and that it’s where all the opportunities are.

It’s true that London is gorgeous and it is full of opportunity but there are other places (hint Glasgow) and really, is it worth sacrificing your standard and quality of living just to be an honorary Londoner?

When you have to take out a loan just to get a pumpkin spiced latte and you are sharing a room with a guy named Steve who boils his socks and talks day and night about how he is a level 10 vegan who doesn’t eat anything that casts a shadow, you need to ask yourself, is it all worth it?

Reason number 2 – The People in Glasgow are the Sweetest

Folk in Glasgow are just the sweetest. They are so friendly and so helpful and this is a real contrast to the head down, walk quickly, ‘every man for himself’ vibe in London.

The people of Glasgow are truly, truly lovely. Londoners that visit Glasgow or move to Glasgow often find themselves perplexed at how friendly, forthcoming and chatty the Glaswegians are. Talk to a stranger in London and you’re viewed as a weirdo. Chat to a stranger in Glasgow and you’ve just made yourself a new friend.

The Glasgow accent is sometimes considered aggressive, threatening and scary…. But many have said that they found the Glasgow accent to be the friendliest and the most comforting. So, say what you will about those Glaswegian rolls, twangs and curls, it is certainly an expressive and passionate accent.

It is usually accompanied by a super-soft and warm tone which is like music to your ears… However, if you find yourself on the wrong side of the wrong Glaswegian, you will also learn it is also the best (and scariest) accent to have scorn you.

Reason number 3 – Your Flat will be Humungous!

Like seriously, huge! You will be straight up stunned, amazed, flabbergasted and freaked out by what your money can get you in Glasgow compared to London. In a recent study by the office of national statistics, it was revealed that the average property price per square metre in Scotland is £137...... In Kensington and Chelsea, it’s a whopping £1,382 per square meter…… COME ON! If you have buddies in London that come visit you in Glasgow, they will think you won lotto when they see the size of your place. We're not surprised to see so many London house movers relocating to Glasgow. 

Reason number 4 – You can Slow Down

Have you ever noticed how quickly everything moves in London? Everything goes at a million miles an hour and when everything is moving at a million miles an hour, your mind tries to keep up. Sometimes, as human beings, we just need to ‘stay still’, in the metaphorical sense.

The chaos culture of the big cities (especially London) is all consuming. When suddenly you find yourself in Glasgow ‘standing still’, in the physical sense (they actually stand still on the escalators) … The reality of life away from the hustle and bustle will sink in… and it will feel mighty nice.

Reason number 5 – Transport Systems are Not Hell on Earth

When you move to London, or even if you’ve grown up in London, you’ve still had the experience of your first underground journey and have, therefore, woken up in a cold sweat on more than one occasion following a train related nightmare.

Glasgow has its own underground train system… It is pennies to use and it’s a nice simple circuit. The Glaswegians call it the ‘Clockwork Orange’ and trust us, when you see the map, you will breathe a sigh of undeniable relief as you realise that you don’t need to be a genius code-breaker to suss which train you need to get on to get where you are going.

Reason Number 6 – Food Glorious Food

London may be full of awesome restaurants and eateries that cater to the foodies, the junk food addicts and the vegans, veggies, pescies and so on and so on but guess what? SO IS GLASGOW.

Glasgow knows how to do junk food better than any other UK City. Bold statement perhaps but we stand by it! Take for example, the pizza supper... what’s that? (we hear you cry), well, it is simply chips on your choice of pizza, folded into a chip filled calzone and deep fried! Aren’t you salivating already?

If junk food isn’t your thing, that’s fine… Don’t judge. You might be surprised to learn that PETA voted Glasgow one of the most vegan Friendly Cities in the UK! Whether you want fine cuisine, chips and cheese or an animal free meal, you can’t go far wrong in Glasgow!

So that’s that, it’s been said. There are several great reasons to leave London for Glasgow… Here we have given you just 6 but just go and visit Glasgow and you’ll discover your own reasons.

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