Revealed: The 10 Most Popular International Locations

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
20th January 2017 (Last updated on Monday 21st August 2017)

At, our network of removal partners offer international removal services all over the world. We compiled our data for 2016-17 to find the most popular international locations for UK movers. The following statistics are compiled from data collected from our international movers.

The reason for these moves vary from mover to mover; our data shows many movers upsized from apartments to houses with more bedrooms. Others moved to the same type of property, suggesting reasons outside of property to factor in the decision to move. Many of these countries offer benefits ranging from good healthcare to better work/life balance, indicating why many people have decided to move abroad. Why not take a look at some of the most popular destinations? They might be all the inspiration you need to start planning your own move abroad.

France – 14.1% International Moves

It probably won't come as much of a surprise, but France topped our list for the most popular international destination in 2016. 14.1 pc of UK residents decided to up sticks and start a new life across the channel. But why did moves to France prove to be so popular with our users?

France is the UK's closest neighbour, and the most popular destination for UK movers in 2016.  The country's location is perfect, with easy access to several other European countries and cities within a few hours.

Not only is France a beautiful country with incredible cuisine and culture, but the country's quick, efficient and cheap public transport system makes getting around the country extremely efficient; the TGV high speed train travels at an average of 200 mph.

The healthcare system is good too, covering 70-100% of your medical costs and up to 65% of prescriptions.

The French government also maintains worker's rights. Everyone in France gets 30 days paid leave along with national holidays and other days off.

Spain – 11.6% International Moves

Spain is the second most popular country on our list, which, again, isn't very surprising. Our data shows that 11.6 pc of them were to Spain.

The good weather, culture, architecture and Mediterranean diet of vegetables, fish and olive oil  is going to be a huge benefit when you move to Spain.

Spain has been a top location for expats for years. According to InterNations, 92% of expats claim to be satisfied with their quality of life.

The healthcare system is also of high quality and affordable.

USA – 8.9% International Moves

Next on our list for most popular international locations is the USA, with 8.9 pc of movers taking the plunge.

Given the sheer size of the US, depending on where you move to, you are likely to have much more space and less congestion than in a city in the UK.

Housing is affordable (unless you live in a major city like New York) and more spacious; education is also very highly regarded, with many of the universities ranked among the best in the world.

For anyone moving from the UK to the US for a job or looking for one, the language barrier isn't an issue either and there will be less of a culture shock.

Australia – 8.6% International Moves

According to our data, 8.6 pc of movers decided to settle down in the Australia.

Australia is a hugely popular destination with people moving from the UK, the common language shared makes it easier to settle in. The weather is a huge benefit, along with the more laid back, relaxed lifestyle and the friendly people.

Australia is a country with several career opportunities, low employment rates, and importance is placed on keeping a healthy work/life balance.

Germany – 6.8% International Moves

Our data also indicates 6.8 pc of moves to Germany.

The country is incredibly diverse, home to 80 million citizens and with plenty to explore and experience. The country has an excellent and efficient public transport system of trains, buses, taxis and metros; if you move to Germany and need a car, German cars are among the most environmentally friendly in the world.

Work hours are fewer than the UK and the US, and unemployment rates are low. Employees get 30 days leave, and in the event you are laid off, you are entitled to a month's wages for every year you have worked at the company. Women also get 14 weeks maternity leave at 100% pay, while men also receive paternity rights.

Germany's health care is one of the best in the world, and it is required by law to be insured.

Ireland – 6.5% International Moves

Ireland was the chosen destination for 6.5 pc of UK movers, according to our data.

Ireland's culture is world-famous with music, theatre, art, folklore and holidays celebrated all over the world.

Its location is useful in that it is close to the rest of Europe, and the country's budget airline Ryanair means you can go back and forth to over 190 destinations on a tight budget.

People who move to Ireland are often drawn in by the lifestyle; even in the heart of Dublin, you're never more than 20 minutes away from incredible scenery and fresh air.

The work/life balance is also good; most people work from 9am to 5pm, with eight public holidays. The biggest tech and pharmaceutical companies in the world have their headquarters in Ireland, due to low corporate tax rates and the highly skilled local workers.

Italy – 5.3% Moves

Considering the beauty and history of Italy, it's not surprising that people would choose to move there; commuting past the Colosseum or Saint Mark's Square would improve most people's day.

Italians are famously social, so anyone who enjoys keeping busy and surrounded by people will love living there.

The public transport is also cheap, safe and reliable, connecting the whole country from north to south.

Regarding property, although the décor can seem dated in many places, most of it is very well-maintained.

New Zealand – 3.5% Moves

New Zealand's temperate climate is appealing to movers from the UK; warm, dry summers and relatively mild wet winters mean you will avoid any extremes.

There is also a variety of property available in New Zealand; movers can find spacious homes in the suburbs with a garden and room for children and pets, or live in the countryside, by the sea, or in a city apartment.

Movers with families also benefit in New Zealand. Education is affordable and of a high standard, and the outdoors lifestyle means children will be closer to nature and enjoy sports and adventure activities.

The Netherlands -3.2% Moves

Moving to the Netherlands is less of a culture shock than most countries; the culture is very inclusive, and most people speak English fluently. The social life is vibrant, with laid back café culture as well as several music festivals, parks, museums and galleries giving you a range of options for events and to meet people.

The Netherlands also has low crime rates, low unemployment rates, and a healthy work/life balance.

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