What Are Homes Like in... Austria?

What Are Homes Like in... Austria?

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
5th December 2014 (Last updated on Friday 19th January 2018)

If you are looking to escape the UK for good, but are quite fond of our varying seasons, you may like to avoid the generic expat areas and head for somewhere a little different – like Austria.

Austria is a beautiful country and is popular among skiers thanks to its healthy snowfall every winter. And when the snow melts, the lush green hills are exposed, making a stunning setting for outdoor activities.

But before you rush to get your quotes on international removals companies, let's take a look at the property market in Austria, and what type of housing is available there.


Austrian lodge

(image: Click Stay)

The most well-known type of property in Austria is the lodge. This is because they are the main form of accommodation in the ski resorts and other tourist areas.

These lodges are completely constructed from milled logs, and have exposed wood on both the exterior and interior, with a cabin-like look. For those who like rustic charms this is a dream!

Although, the presence of wood may limit your decorating abilities, lodges are a warm and comforting environment, and are often fitted with open fires.

Lodges should not be confused with chalets. A chalet is a traditional Swiss home that is made of wood, but has a sloping roof and wide overhanging eaves. These, although made of similar materials, differ greatly in style from a lodge.

Apartment Complexes

Austrian complex

(image: GR Luxury Passion)

Apartment buildings are extremely popular in Austria. They form holiday accommodation in large lodges in the ski resorts. And you will see many modern residential towers in and around the cities, where quality housing is at a premium.

These are often quite small, but will have everything you could need. And some of the best buildings will be serviced with hotel-like amenities.

Period Properties

Austrian period property

(image: Investors in Property)

Austria's cities and high class resorts are home to some stunning Baroque and gothic period properties. These large buildings are grand and ornate (and often brightly coloured too). With fine detailing everywhere you look, these are opulent pieces of architecture, and apartments in these buildings are highly sought after.

As you may imagine, style comes at a cost, but some beautiful period properties can be found outside the cities if you hunt hard enough.

Added Information

Property in Austria is undoubtedly different from that in the UK. But whatever type of property you buy, there are average purchase costs to budget in on top of the purchase price. These are:

  • Notary fees – 2.5%
  • Stamp Duty – 3%
  • Land Registry – 1%
  • Agency Fees – 3%

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