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Fitting In: What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
21st January 2017 (Last updated on Monday 21st August 2017)

Sometimes figuring out what size storage space you need can feel like asking: "how long is a piece of string?"

Whether you're looking for long-term storage for a classic car, or in need of short-term storage while you're between homes, it's tough to find the right storage unit and the right price without first trying to fit everything in.

Too much space and you'll find yourself paying over the odds for storage, too little and your worldly possessions won't even all fit in! This guide will help you get the measure of how much space you will need to stash your stuff...

'Everything but the kitchen sink'

Many people make use of storage space when they are between homes. With long buying and selling processes, it's sometimes easier to unload yourself on a relative in the interim, leaving your home packed up in storage. Other households may be taking some time to experience living overseas or may be away travelling. Whatever the reason, this is one of the toughest scenarios to 'guesstimate' storage space size for.

It's often easiest to break the contents of your home down into "boxes". Imagine a standard cardboard box, then picture how many it would take to pack up everything you want to store. There are likely to be bulky items and pieces of furniture which cannot be reduced to "cardboard box size," but if you can envisage how much space they take up as an equivalent, you can start totting up how large a storage unit you will require.

For example, a 10-square foot unit will hold 20 standard cardboard boxes, while a double wardrobe would fit into a 16-square foot unit (the equivalent of 25 boxes). It's not always easy to accurately guesstimate how many boxes you will need to store, but there are some general guidelines available which will help you get it right.

Be aware that the figures below are guesstimates based on experience - every home has different contents and differing numbers of items to store:

Size of unit

Size of home

Space for "boxes"

50 square feet

1 bed flat


50-75 square feet

2 bed flat or house


75-100 square feet

2-3 bed flat or house


100-125 square feet

3 bed house


125-150 square feet

2 bed house + garage or shed


150-175 square feet

4 bed house


175-200 square feet

5 bed house


Pro tip: if you will need to access your possessions while they are in storage, hire a much larger storage unit. If you have to pack your items tightly, you will not be able to move around the storage area. If you do not need access, choose a smaller space to save money.

Will my vehicle fit?

In some cases, you may want to store vehicles instead of - or as well as - items from your home. Perhaps your garage can't accommodate all your vehicles over the winter and you want to protect your pride and joy from inclement weather? Perhaps you collect classic cars or are in the process of selling a vehicle? Whatever the reason, you're going to need a storage unit with the correct proportions.

Vehicles are much easier to gauge the size of than home contents, which makes it simpler to find an appropriate storage unit. With that said, not all 4x4s or saloons are alike and sizes do differ. To make extra certain, measure your vehicle and enquire with your chosen storage provider to confirm you have booked the correct sized space. As a rule of thumb, the following dimensions will apply:

Size of unit

Type of vehicle

10 square feet

Standard car

16 square feet

Estate car

25 square feet

Transit van

35 square feet

Transit van

50 square feet

Transit van

50-75 square feet

LWB transit van

75-100 square feet

Box van

100-125 square feet

7.5 tonne truck

Follow these guidelines and communicate clearly with your storage unit provider and you should be able to find your perfect fit easily!

Easystore Self Storage offers convenient storage in Cardiff and Bridgend, South Wales, with units ranging in a variety of sizes. Contact the team today for a quote and for further advice on finding your ideal space.

Image by Paul Lim, license by CC 2.0

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