Where to Live in Cardiff with Children

Where to Live in Cardiff with Children

Written by Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
13th November 2017 (Last updated on Tuesday 16th January 2018)

As a parent, choosing a place to call your forever home comes down to one thing. Where is the best place to raise your family? If you're thinking about moving to Cardiff and you're going to be moving house with your children then look no further as today, Compare My Move are looking at the best areas to live in Cardiff with Children.

We will consider the catchment areas for the best schools in Cardiff as well as things to do and nice, green open spaces.

If you and your family are moving to Cardiff and have yet to become properly acquainted with the areas then this may help you to choose where you would like to view houses and choosing where in Cardiff you would like to live with your children.


A highly sought after and salubrious area of Cardiff, Cyncoed attracts affluent families and boasts big beautiful homes. Located in the Northeast of Cardiff and perfectly placed for enjoying a quaint village life with your children while still being close enough to the City Centre to not feel you’re living out in the sticks. Cyncoed is also home to a Cardiff University Campus and hall of residence which keeps the area vibrant, diverse and busy.

Being such an attractive part of Cardiff and in walking distance of the scenic Roath Park, property prices in the area are high and being inside the catchment area for the best school in Cardiff only drives that price higher.

Why Cyncoed?

Cyncoed is a popular choice for families and is considered a very suitable place to bring up children due to it being in the catchment area for Cardiff High School and Lakeside Primary. Both extremely good schools. Cardiff High School is one of the highest performing and the best school in Cardiff. If you are moving into Cardiff with a teenager then Cardiff High should be one of the schools at the top of your list.

If you move to Cyncoed with children then you will be mere minutes away from Roath Park, a picturesque spot where kids can play in the park, the family can take a leisurely stroll around the large lake and enjoy feeding the ducks. A glorious place during the summer, perfect for a picnic, or café lunch and, of course, a nice ice-cream.

Average House Price in CyncoedAverage Rental Cost PCM


A real gem. Beautiful Llandaff has been voted on more than one occasion to be one of the best places in Wales to live, and particularly popular with families.  It’s not hard to see why. The stunning historical village is in walking distance to Cardiff City Centre and thriving with quirky independent cafes, restaurants and bars, Llandaff is a desirable place for most.

House prices in Llandaff vary. There is a wealth of large and luxurious properties that naturally have hefty price tags but there are more affordable homes in the area too.

Why Llandaff?

The Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales Highschool is in Llandaff and so many choose to conveniently place themselves around here so that they can be in this catchment area. A great place for great schools, Llandaff is also the home of popular Welsh-Speaking Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf and Llandaff Church in Wales Primary School.

It’s not just the schools in the area that attract families to Llandaff but the green spaces and countryside feeling of the place. The famous Taff Trial goes through Cardiff’s Bute Park and Llandaff Fields.

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Another incredibly popular part of Cardiff is Lisvane. Full of grand and beautiful properties and home for many an affluent family, Lisvane is a very lovely place to live indeed. Lisvane offers a great balance between quiet countryside living and city life as it’s full of greenery and has a village atmosphere yet is only 10 -15 minutes to the centre of Cardiff.

With Thornhill nearby, both areas are perfect for raising a family. Thornhill has seen a surge in new build homes in recent years attracting young families into the area.

Why Lisvane?

Lisvane and Thornhill are great choice areas for new families. The new build areas in Thornhill are great for first-time buyers so often, families that are just starting out choose Thornhill. The Thornhill Farm Shop with super-fun animal petting area is good fun for kids and the Lisvane and Thornhill area is full of parks with the Cefn Onn Park being a particularly beautiful spot. House prices in Lisvane vary but it is home to some of the most luxurious and, therefore, expensive homes in Cardiff.

Lisvane Primary School is a popular choice for parents and then a choice between Llanishen High School which is one of the biggest high schools in the North of Cardiff with 1600 attending there each year, or Corpus Christi Catholic High School.

Average House Price in LisvaneAverage Rental Cost PCM


Both Pen-y-lan and Roath are extremely popular areas for families settling down in Cardiff. Pen-y-lan certainly is an attractive area of the Welsh Capital. It has Roath to one side of it and Cyncoed to the other. Some properties in Pen-y-lan offer spectacular views of Cardiff City and from some, you can see the picturesque Roath Park Lake.

Why Pen-y-lan?

Penylan is a lovely place to raise a family and a great area to live with Children. It is green and spacious with Waterloo Gardens nearby to take a stroll and a picnic. Roath park with its exciting playground, the lake and the ducks is just around the corner and for parents, the shops and the quirkiness of Waterloo Tearooms is a definite added bonus. In Penylan, families can enjoy a quiet life while the City Centre is within walking distance.

The hugely popular Cardiff High School take children from Pen-y-lan and there is also the option of St Teilos Church in Wales High School, Cathays High and Ysgol Bro Edern.

Average House Price Pen-y-lanAverage Rental Cost PCM


Stylish and swanky Pontcanna is certainly the most fashionable part of town. Young families, yummy mummies and cool kids grow up in Pontcanna. Right near the City Centre, Pontcanna manages to be busy and trendy with the tree-lined streets full of artisan and independent cafes and restaurants as well as quirky shops, whilst also maintaining its village feel.

Rubbing shoulders with Pontcanna is Canton, another very popular area. Not quite as gentrified as Pontcanna, Canton is a similar area but with a busy high-street and popular chains.

Why Pontcanna?

If you are hoping to raise your children as welsh speaking the Pontcanna is a great choice. A lot of the Pontcanna residents can speak in the mother tongue and one of the best schools in Cardiff, Ysgol Gyfun Gymraeg Glantaf takes in pupils from the Pontcanna area. It is also a catchment area for Fitzalan High School.

Bute Park is a stone throw away and you pretty much have everything you need right on your doorstep. Now considered one of the most desirable and fashionable places to live not only in Wales but in the UK, it’s no surprise that property prices are high.

Average House Price in PontcannaAverage Rental Cost PCM

Choosing The Best Place To Live In Cardiff With Children

Choosing where to live with your children is never easy, you have to factor in where are the best schools, if the area is safe and if the area has parks and amenities suitable for your little ones. Luckily, Cardiff has plenty of parks and residential areas suitable for families. The below map will give you an idea of the location of each area. So if you're looking for somewhere closer to the city centre consider Pontcanna or Llandaf, or if you're happy living a little further out Lisvane might be the place for you.

So, if you are planning on raising your children in Cardiff then here are just a few areas to consider. Don’t forget when the time comes to move house, use a reputable removal company and compare the cost of your home removals in Cardiff with Compare My Move. 

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