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London HomeBuyers Survey

The most popular property survey offered by RICS, used to get a clear understanding of a property’s condition and market value. The report is a vital tool for prospective homebuyers and is designed for modern properties made out of conventional materials.

London Building Survey

The most in-depth RICS property survey available, this survey is a comprehensive inspection of the structural condition of the property. Perfect for older buildings, houses made out of unconventional materials, and properties with clear defects.

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Find a RICS Building Surveyor in London

The level 3 RICS Building Survey is the most in-depth residential property survey available. It’s the best survey choice for old or unusual buildings, or properties which have been heavily altered.

A RICS Chartered Surveyor will inspect every accessible area of the building and grounds, producing a comprehensive and in-depth report on the condition of the home. A RICS Building Survey is a vital tool for the negotiation process, as any serious hidden defects can be used to inform a counteroffer on an asking price.

We only work with the best in RICS Chartered Surveyors, who are flexible to concentrate on any unique issues or worries you might have about the property.

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Homes that need a RICS Building Survey
Listed buildings
Older properties
Unconventional style buildings
Buildings with conservation areas

Who needs a RICS Building Survey in London?

According to the latest Housing in London Report (2017), 54% of London’s homes were built before the Second World War. This means a huge array of older properties, many of which might have hidden defects or unique maintenance needs.

If you’re looking to buy an older property in London, or a home built in a unique or unconventional style, a RICS Building Survey is vital. Knowledge about underlying issues and costs of repair of walls, floors and the roof will not only inform your offer, but stop surprise costs in the future.

The survey is also important for listed buildings, or properties within conservation areas, as the report will contain expert advice and costings for the unique ongoing maintenance needed in such properties. Finally, if you’re planning on significantly altering your property, the insight about the structural condition of your London home provided by a RICS Building Survey is vital.

HomeBuyers Report in London

The Level 2 RICS HomeBuyers Report is the most popular RICS Property Survey, and gives prospective homeowners an easy-to-read report on the condition of the property.

The report is presented in a standardised RICS format, with the condition of each area of the property rated with a ‘traffic light’ system. Many London property surveyors include an independent market valuation within the report, which takes into account the local area and any hidden defects uncovered during the survey.

A RICS London Chartered Surveyor will inspect every available area of the property, and provide expert and impartial advice on the purchase.

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Blue Print
Condition Ratings and Definitions
Serious defects which will need to be investigated or repaired urgently.
Defects need repairing but are not urgent or serious. Continue the normal maintenance of the property.
No repair is needed. Continue normal maintenance of the property.
Not inspected.

Who needs a RICS HomeBuyers Report in London?

The RICS HomeBuyers Survey is less detailed than a RICS Building Survey, so is best suited for modern properties built with conventional materials and methods. If you’re looking to purchase a conventional home in London, a RICS HomeBuyers Survey is a must.

The HomeBuyers Survey will uncover any hidden defects or structural issues in the property, so will inform any prospective homebuyer on the safety of the property. Many of the London RICS Chartered Surveyors in our network will include an impartial market valuation in the report. This will act as an important tool in assessing the fairness of the asking price, and allow you to counteroffer with conviction.

Whereas mortgage valuations are generally performed to ease the mind of the mortgage lender, a HomeBuyers Report and valuation puts your needs and requirements as priority. Our RICS Chartered Surveyors are impartial, so you can expect expert insight into whether the investment is worth it.

Our RICS London Surveying Partners

Find below some of the RICS Chartered Surveyors on our trusted network.


Maitlands Acorn Professional

Maitlands Acorn Professional are an award winning RICS regulated chartered surveyors offering their services across Essex, London, Surrey, Sussex and Kent. They've been specialising in the residential and commercial property industry since 1983.

Coomber 1

Coomber Associates Ltd

Coomber Associates have many years’ experience of delivering their RICS approved chartered surveying service around Bournemouth and the UK. Their previous clients have been major hotels such as the Hilton, Marriott and Grosvenor House.


Westview Property Services

Westview Propety Services have been providing a first-class chartered surveying service based in Greenford and all over Greater London since 2004. Their team have over 30 years’ experience in the industry, meaing they have invaluable knowledge.