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Based in Canary Wharf, London, we can offer our surveying services across London, Essex and the whole of the UK. We are a fully qualified RICS regulated London chartered surveyors with many years’ experience in the industry.

Daily Move are highly experienced with an in-depth understanding of a range of property surveys. We are proud to offer out RICS homebuyer report and RICS building survey across the UK. We provide a high-quality service, tailoring each survey to meet the requirements of our client.

We will provide you with our expert opinion and help our clients to make a completely informed decision on the property you plan to buy. We have experience of working with a range of properties from listed buildings to modern homes. 

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Since November 2018
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Homebuyer Report

Our RICS homebuyer report is suitable for properties that aren’t older than 80 years, were built using widely available materials and that remain in a good condition. We have experience of carrying out hundreds of homebuyer reports delivered with a high standard of quality.

This survey is non-intrusive meaning we will assess the condition and structure of visible areas of your property that are easily accessible. We will search for structural defects and hidden damages that you may have missed yourself.

We will present our findings in an easy to understand report, giving your property a condition rating of either a 1, 2 or 3. From this condition rating, you will be more informed on the issues within the property and how to go about repairing these. 

Building Survey

Our building survey is the most comprehensive survey we offer, examining every inch of the property including under floorboards and behind furniture. This survey is suited to listed properties that are older than 80 years, constructed with unusual materials and plan to carry out an extension.

We will carry out our investigation in the attic and basement, as well as the interior and exterior of the property, searching for hidden defects. Common issues found in older properties include structural wall damage, rot and damp.

As well as highlighting the damage in the property, your RICS chartered surveyor will be able to inform you of any repairs that could crop up in the future. 

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