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Company Overview

RICS regulated London chartered surveyors, Magowans, is run by husband and wife team Christopher and Georgina Magowan. With a combined in-depth knowledge of the industry, Magowans provide a RICS homebuyer report and a building survey to help with your house move.

We provide our high-quality service to both Central and South-West London, Twickenham, Richmond-Upon-Thames, Surrey and Middlesex. We have been in the business for years, meaning we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that we input in to every job.

We’ll advise you on which survey will be better suited for your property and we aim to offer our expert opinion on how to solve any issues that come up in your survey.

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Homebuyer Report

If the property you’re buying was built with modern materials, remains in a good condition still and is less than 50 years then our RICS home buyers survey will be best suited for your house. An experienced and fully qualified chartered surveyor will carry out a detailed survey on your property to highlight any areas of concern.

You will need a homebuyer report so you’re made aware of any issues in the property before you fully commit to buying it. This can ultimately save you a lot of money in the long run as you know if there’s any major damage or not.

We will gather our findings and present them in a clear to understand report, highlighting any areas we see as a concern, explaining the report if necessary.

Building Survey

If the house you plan to buy is older than 50 years and was built with unusual or unique materials, you will need our building survey. Our RICS rics building survey will be able to highlight any hidden damage such as structural wall movement.

This report is the most in-depth as we search the interior, exterior, attic and behind furniture. We usually find issues such as damp, rot and infestations. Once we’ve finished our thorough examination, you will know the areas of concern along with major damage and defects.

We always offer a professional and helpful service at Magowans, providing support and advise whenever needed.

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