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What does a party wall surveyor do?

The role of a Party Wall Surveyor is to asses the party wall and the proposed works on a shared wall. An example of this is the wall adjoining terraced or semi-detached homes.

In the event of a dispute, they will draw up a Party Wall Award.

    The award will also allow access for the surveyor(s) to inspect the works as they are carried out. This is to check the work is being done in accordance with the award.

    A Party Wall Award includes the following:

    • Outlines the work that would be carried out
    • Notes when how the work will be carried out
    • Details of any additional work required
    • Records the condition of neighbouring buildings before work starts
    • Detail the access requirements to neighbouring property if necessary
    Party wall act

    When would I need a party wall surveyor?

    You would need a party wall surveyor when you are planning work on a party wall. This is an adjoining or shared wall with a neighbour. Work that would require a Party Wall Surveyor includes loft conversions or extensions.

    If there is a dispute with your neighbour, a party wall surveyor will be needed to draw up a Party Wall Award. This is also known as a Party Wall Agreement. The Award will outline the planned works, obligations to neighbours and who is liable for the costs.

    You cannot act as your own surveyor in a Party Wall case, even if you are a trained surveyor. Compare My Move can match you with local Party Wall Surveyors who are accredited by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, so you can ensure your Party Wall matter is handled effectively.

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    What is the average cost of a party wall surveyor?

    The UK average hourly rate for a Party Wall Surveyor is between £90 to £450 an hour. For the average Party Wall project, a Party Wall Award drawn up by a surveyor will cost £1,000.

    Be aware that there are no set charges for a Party Wall Surveyor. Fees will vary across the country and will depend on the amount of work involved. Surveyors’ fees are ultimately a matter for individual surveyors to decide.

    By using Compare My Move, you can compare quotes from up to 6 local Party Wall surveyors to find the best price for you.

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    Party wall awar cost
    Who pays party wall

    Who pays for a party wall surveyor?

    Under the Party Wall etc Act 1996, it is the homeowner who proposed the work that pays all costs associated with drawing up the award. This includes the adjoining owners' surveying fees.

    If the building works is to repair or overhaul a damaged shared wall, the adjoining owner may be liable for costs. In this case, the costs are split based on each owner's use of the wall and their responsibility for the defect. If they cannot come to an agreement, a surveyor will need to draw up a Party Wall Award.

    A surveyor will outline who is responsible for paying for both the work and the surveyor fees in the Award.

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