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Brilliant and great to be able to view feedback on companies.

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Brilliant and great to be able to view feedback on companies.
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Want to know the true condition of your new home? Looking for an independent property surveyor? Compare My Move can help.

Our network of trusted Chartered Surveyors come fully verified and are all RICS accredited. We’ll save you time and money by connecting you with up to 5 Chartered Surveyors in your area.

Compare My Move only work with the best professionals, and will always strive to ensure you are getting the best service. Fill in one quick form today and get comparing.

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Why do I need Conveyancing?

A professional conveyancer will undertake vital parts of the buying and selling process, including the exchange of contracts, the transfer of property ownership, perform property searches, and pay Stamp Duty on your behalf.

A property is one of the biggest investments you'll likely make, so it's vital that the somewhat complex process is performed correctly. A licensed Conveyancer or Conveyancing Solicitor will deal with all aspects of the legal paperwork involved when selling or buying your home.

Why Do I Need Conveyancing
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Conveyancing is a fully regulated industry, meaning you should expect absolute professionalism at all times from your Licensed Conveyancer or Property Solicitor. Fully insured, a specialist in property law will guide you through the buying and selling process professionally and efficiently.

Licensed Conveyancers are closely regulated by the CLC and Conveyancing Solicitors are regulated by the SRA. In Scotland solicitors are regulated by the LSS, and in Northern Ireland by the LSNI. Each regulatory body ensures only truly professional (and fully insured) practitioners, so you can expect the same high quality customer service from both.

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Saving money on your Conveyancing

When it comes to hiring a Licensed Conveyancer to take you through the buying or selling process, comparing costs and services is vital.

Much of the cost you’ll pay is made up of fees paid to third parties by your conveyancer, known as ‘disbursements’. These are generally fixed or are relative to your house price, so will generally be the same with different conveyancers.

It is the legal fees charged by the conveyancer or solicitor that will differ across the industry, and should be the main focus of your comparison.

This part of the overall Conveyancing cost can range from £400 to £1,600 or more, so comparison is important. Read our guide for a full breakdown of conveyancing fees.

Saving On Conveyancing
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How To Compare Conveyancing Quotes

Always ask for a full breakdown of the the Conveyancing costs and legal fees, and a description of services. By comparing up to 4 Conveyancers with Compare My Move, you’ll get a good idea of the best prices.

Some conveyancers offer a fixed fee for their service which may be cheaper, but this could be for a stripped-down range of services. As always, it’s a juggling of need and budget, so ensure you’re fully aware of all of the services you require.

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Do I need a Licensed Conveyancer or a Property Solicitor?

Licensed Conveyancers and Property Solicitors are both specialists in property law.

Which do you need? That depends on whether or not you’re buying or selling a property with particularly complex legal disputes.

Licensed Conveyancers focus entirely on property law, whereas solicitors are more likely to be multidisciplinary. This may lead to a higher cost and longer turnaround when using a solicitor, though their extended expertise would suit a property transfer fraught with litigation or disputes concerning other areas of law.

Whichever you choose, make sure you get a full rundown of the costs involved. We can help you compare quotes to ensure you get both the best service and the best price for your budget.

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