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Moving to Haringey? Save on Your Conveyancing Costs

You could save up to 70% on your London conveyancing costs by comparing conveyancing solicitors with Compare My Move. We can connect you with up to 5 verified conveyancing solicitors in Haringey who have been put through our strict verification process. Our dedicated team also check that they are regulated by either the SRA, CLC, LSS, CILEx or LSNI before joining us as a partner.

Your conveyancer is responsible for handling the legal aspect of your home purchase, but they will also organise essential searches on the home and surrounding area on your behalf. These searches include local authority search and environmental searches, highlighting any floods risks, contaminated or unstable land issues and radon gas levels.

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    FAQs About Conveyancing in Haringey

    To answer any questions you may have about conveyancing in Haringey, Compare My Move have done the research to bring you the most up to date information. The cost of a Local Authority Search (LLC1 and CON29) in the borough is £127. Radon gas, land contamination and flooding may not be big concerns, but ground instability could be an issue. 

    Thes Local Authority and environmental searches organised by your solicitor are an essential part of the conveyancing process and can shed light on any problems within the home or surrounding area. 

    How Much Are Conveyancing Search Costs in Haringey?

    The conveyancing searches arranged by your solicitor are a crucial part of the house buying process in the UK. These will include useful information and essential details about the home you are looking to buy and the surrounding area. This includes documents and reports held by the local authority, which is Haringey Council.  

    The cost for these searches will be included in your overall conveyancing fees, which will vary depending on location. In Haringey, the Local Land Charges Search (LLC1) is £25, with the CON29 form costing £102. The cost of a full residential search (LLC1 And CON29) in the borough is £127.

    Your report as a result of the  LLC1 and CON29 will provide details of any charges or restrictions which could impact the use of the property. This includes tree preservation orders, enforcement notices, planning permissions and financial charges. The search also includes reviewing information with regard to local plans, highways and assets of community value.

    The environmental searches arranged by your solicitor can provide information relating to the wider environment including any flood risks in the area, the level of radon gas and any issues regarding ground instability, subsidence and land contamination. 

    • Local Land Charges Search (LLC1)

      £25 inc VAT

      The LLC1 search informs purchasers of restrictions or charges affecting the use of the property, such as tree preservation orders, enforcement notices, planning permissions and financial charges.

    • Form CON29

      £102 inc VAT

      The CON29 provides information on matters such as local plans, highways and assets of community value

    • Full Search

      £127 inc VAT

      LLC1 and CON29 combined.

    Data from the Haringey Council website, correct as of April 2021.

    What Are the Flood Risks in Haringey?

    As part of the environmental searches organised by your solicitor, any potential flooding concerns in the area of Haringey will be investigated. As severe flooding can cause catastrophic damage to residential properties, it is paramount that you are aware of flood risks before you purchase the home.

    According to the local council, Haringey is not currently considered to be an area at high risk of flooding. However, it was concluded in Haringey Council’s Flood Risk Management Strategy Report that the borough was at risk from fluvial, sewer and pluvial flooding but not groundwater or tidal flooding. It is the River Lee and its tributaries that pose the risk of fluvial flooding in Haringey, which could potentially impact a large area of the borough.

    As a result of these findings, the council have put forward several strategies and plans which include the improvement of flood risk mapping, effective emergency planning and development planning.  

    Historical there has been flooding around the White Hart Lane area of the borough, significantly in 1965 and again in 1993. This included the White Hart Land Station and properties of The Roundway. Montagu Road also flooded in 1965, with flooding previously reported in the area in 1956. 

    Flood Risks in Haringey
    Flood Risks in Haringey

    Are There Ground Stability Concerns in Haringey?

    Ground stability is another important factor that will be reviewed during environmental searches. Ground instability can lead to subsidence, which is a dreaded word for homeowners. This can cause a property to “sink” into the ground beneath it, reducing the value of the home and in extreme cases, making it unsafe to live in. 

    As a result, it is essential that you thoroughly read the findings in your search report and flag any concerns you may have with your conveyancing solicitor as soon as possible.

    Research into ground stability in the UK has found that main cities suffer from higher amounts of subsidence, in part due to the number of high-rise buildings in a relatively small area which adds increasing pressure to the ground. London and its various boroughs are at further risk of ground instability concerns due to the fact that many areas of Greater London have been built on “London Clay”, a natural material that is a type of shrinkable clay and susceptible to changes.

    This is supported by a map created by Geobear, identifying subsidence hotspots across the UK. London has particularly high levels of subsidence, although there is less found towards the Northern boroughs. Nevertheless, subsidence is present throughout Haringey according to Geobear’s map and therefore it is essential that you are aware of any potential risks around the home before you proceed with the purchase.

    Ground Stability Search
    • Reveals instability issues from natural or man-made hazards.
    • Highlights historic and current landfill sites.
    • Identifies natural ground subsidence.
    • Recognises historic tin, coal, clay and any other mining activity.

    What Are the Radon Gas Levels in Haringey?

    Radon Gas is a colourless and odourless gas that is formed from the radioactive decay of small amounts of uranium that occurs naturally in rocks and soil. It can often go undetected in UK homes and has been linked to serious health issues, including lung cancer in non-smokers. 

    In response to these concerns, Public Health England has created a heat map of Radon Gas which acts as a visual guide of the levels of Radon Gas across the UK. Levels of Radon Gas in Haringey are notably low and some of the lowest in the country. It is therefore unlikely that this will be flagged as an issue in your search reports.

    Nevertheless, with the health risks associated with high levels of Radon Gas, you must ensure you read your search reports thoroughly and question anything you are unsure of. Your conveyancing solicitor can answer any questions you may have and address any concerns regarding the report and its findings. 

    Radon Gas Levels in Haringey
    Radon Gas Levels in Haringey

    Is Contaminated Land an Issue in Haringey?

    Across the UK, industrialisation, manufacturing and waste disposal process has left a legacy of land contamination, contaminating the ground with potentially toxic materials such as heavy metals and fuels. These can seep into the land and waterways, causing pollution and contamination which has the potential to be damaging to both humans and the wider environment. 

    Haringey Council has a duty to maintain a contaminated land register of particulars relating to any action taken on contaminated land. Ferry Lane Housing Estate in Tottenham, the site of a former furniture factory, was extensively investigated in 2005. However, the investigation found that the site was not determined to be contaminated land. 

    Haringey Council states on their websites that to date no sites have been formally determined as contaminated land in the borough of Haringey.

    That said, you will want to be sure that the land in which the house you want to buy resides is not at risk from contamination. Your conveyancing solicitor will organise environemental searches on your behalf which will include a review of records held by Haringey Council. This can shed light on any issues relating to historic land use, planning activity, waste and landfill sites and pollution incidents in the borough. 

    Contaminated Land in Haringey
    Contaminated Land in Haringey