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Moving to Lewisham? Save on Your Property Conveyancing Costs

Do you need a conveyancer in Lewisham? Compare My Move can connect you with up to 6 verified conveyancing solicitors in your local area. We only work with the best companies, that have a proven track record in successfully helping clients.

Our team ensure all potential partners go through our strict verification process. This includes being regulated by either the SRA, CLC, LSS, CILEx or LSNI before joining us. This helps ensure the companies are both trusted and qualified.

Your conveyancer will handle all the legal aspects of your property sale. They are also responsible for organising essential searches in your local area.

The conveyancing process is an essential part of buying and selling a home. This is why it's essential to hire a solicitor with knowledge of the area and we can assist you with this.

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    FAQs About Conveyancing in Lewisham

    The average conveyancing fee when purchasing a property in Lewisham is £1,490. To sell a home, fees can be around £1,580. Conveyancing takes an average of 159 days in Lewisham.

    Radon gas levels are low in Lewisham, but there are many areas at a medium and high risk of flooding. This is due to the river Quaggy and Ravensbourne river. Due to its location in London, Lewisham is at a higher risk of ground instability and subsidence. 

    Why Hire a Lewisham Conveyancer?

    If you're buying or selling your home, hiring the help of a conveyancer is essential. They complete the legal process of your move and ensure your contracts are accurate and correct.

    Lewisham is located in South-East London, making it a popular area to move to. It's a convenient location and the transport links to Central London are fantastic.

    Between April 2021 - April 2022, 39 new builds were purchased. In the same time frame, 3,452 existing properties were sold. This emphasises the popularity of Lewisham.

    In recent months, the prices of properties in Lewisham have increased in comparison to previous months. Terraced houses saw the biggest increase of 6.3%.

    After placing an offer on a property, your solicitor can then begin the legal process of the house sale. This process takes up the majority of the time, so it's important it's carried out as soon as possible.

    Your conveyancer will be responsible for the following:

    • Setting a completion date
    • Stamp duty
    • Checking contracts
    • Carrying out conveyancing searches and checks
    • Liaising with your mortgage lender
    • The legal process
    • Exchanging contracts

    When purchasing a leasehold property, the conveyancing process is extended. This is due to the extra steps and paperwork required.

    Data taken from UK House Price Index.

    How Much are Conveyancing Solicitor Fees in Lewisham?

    Conveyancing solicitor fees in Lewisham will vary. On average, the fee to buy a freehold property is £1,490. For leasehold property, fees are £1,650.

    If you're selling a freehold property, solicitor fees will cost around £1,430. For freehold properties, fees can be up to £1,580. These figures are based on the average property price of £462,050 in Lewisham.

    In addition to solicitor fees, you're required to complete a full Local Authority Search. According to the Lewisham Council website, this will cost £156.80.

    You will also need to cover the costs of other conveyancing searches, legal fees and conveyancing disbursements.

    Data taken from Compare My Move's Cost of Moving House Calculator, and UK House Price Index.

    How Long Does Conveyancing Take in Lewisham?

    Conveyancing will take 159 days on average in Lewisham. This is the same as the national average for England. As a result, you can expect conveyancing times to be average in this area.

    The entire house buying and selling process in Lewisham will take 297 days. This is just above the national average of 274 days.

    If you're purchasing a freehold property you can expect to be waiting close to these times. If you're purchasing or selling a leasehold property, the entire process will likely take longer to complete due to paperwork.

    Data taken from Get Agent.

    What to Expect From Conveyancing Searches in Lewisham?

    Conveyancing searches are pivotal. They can uncover potential legal or environmental issues with a property and the surrounding areas. Your conveyancer will undertake the following searches:

    • Local Authority Search
    • Water and Drainage Search
    • Environmental Search

    There are many areas in Lewisham that have medium to high flood risks. This is due to the river Quaggy and Ravensbourne river which run through the area. Some high-risk areas can be found near Glass Mill Leisure Centre, Elverson Road, and Ladywell train station. Medium-risk areas include Malyons Road and Bankside Avenue.

    London is a known hotspot for ground stability issues as large areas have been built on a natural material known as “London Clay”. This type of shrinkable clay is susceptible to changes. Lewisham is more likely to experience ground instability as a result.

    The UK subsidence map shows that subsidence is a concern in the borough of Lewisham. This is something to speak to your conveyancing solicitor about when purchasing a home in the area.

    The UK Radon map displays a low level of Radon Gas in Lewisham. Readings are between 1-3% in most areas.

    Data taken from, Get The Data, Geobear's Subsidence Map, and UK Radon Map.