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Moving Home is the Perfect Time for You to Switch Providers and See if You Could Save

Moving home is a time of renewal, not just for you but for your home insurance too.

Continuing with your current provider may seem like the easy option, but a new property type in a new area could mean a new premium, and may even result in an extra cost to amend your policy. Although it may cost to cancel an existing policy, hunting for a new deal is worth doing if it saves you money long term After all, your insurance provider will reassess your situation, so why don’t you?

Reset Button

Moving home is a great big reset button, and is one of the best excuses to switch home insurance provider.

Check your current policy; does it cover your contents in transit? Is your policy still competitive in your new home? If the answer is no to either of these questions, it’ll be worth looking into switching.

And when it comes to contents insurance, you’ll likely never have a more accurate list of belongings than your moving day inventory, so it’s the perfect opportunity to shop around for a better deal.

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What Are Your Home Insurance Options?

You have three main options when it comes to home insurance: contents insurance; building insurance; and a combination of the two.

Contents Insurance

Contents Insurance

Covers your worldly possessions against breakages or theft, an important policy for renters and home-owners alike.

Building Insurance

Building Insurance

Protects your property and permanent fixings against damage or destruction such as fire, floods, and vandalism.

Home Insuarance

Home Insurance Policy

Contents and building insurance under one policy, and could be cheaper than separate policies if one provider is used.

When to Organise Your Home Insurance

If you’re buying a property, you’ll want to arrange for building insurance to start from the exchange of contracts.

Although the transaction may not be complete for weeks, the exchange of contracts is legally binding, meaning you’ll be responsible for your new property from this point. So arranging home insurance for your new home from this point is a must if you don’t want leave it uninsured for a few weeks.

Verified Removers

Ideally, you’ll want to organise your home insurance as soon as possible, which of course relies on knowing the details of your new home and your moving dates. If you’re transferring your coverage from your old home, organise this in plenty of time so you’re fully aware of any changes in insurance premium or amendment costs. When it comes to contents insurance, you’ll want to arrange this well ahead of time. This is because it’s important to consider if your current policy will even cover your items during your move.

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We’ve teamed up with our friends at GoCompare to help you compare home insurance policies and prices, saving you time and money when it matters most.

Moving home is a costly affair, so trying to save money on your home insurance is a priority. This service will allow you to make an informed and relaxed decision on switching home insurance providers, and you could save money in the process. Tempted just to renew your existing policy when you move to your new home, even if your insurance premium increases? You won’t know what you could save on your home insurance until you compare with GoCompare.

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Compare My Move have partnered with GoCompare to help you save time and money on your home insurance when it matters most.

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