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Choosing a New Area to Live In

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
10th January 2017 (Last updated on Monday 13th November 2017)

Before you look for a property, you need to decide on the area you want to live in. If you want to live somewhere completely new, it might take some time for you to decide if you enjoy living there. You can only choose a new area by thoroughly researching it. Decide what you can afford to spend and look on property websites whenever you have free time, to find a place you are interested in.

This article will cover the following points

Research Property Prices and Stick to Your Budget Live Somewhere that Reflects Your Personality Consider the Commute Research Crime Rates Familiarise Yourself with the New Area Learn the Transport Routes Is it Family-Friendly? Find out What the Schools are Like

Research Property Prices and Stick to Your Budget

If you are planning on moving to a completely new area you are unfamiliar with, the first thing you need to do is research property prices. Decide on your budget, and browse the property websites for what you can afford, and then look at the areas. Of course, city centres are usually much more expensive than rural areas.

Live Somewhere that Reflects Your Personality

You will enjoy the area you choose to live in if it reflects your personality and the activities you enjoy.

If you Enjoy Socialising and Nightlife

If you are a very social person who enjoys nightlife and being around a lot of people, you will probably be more suited to city life.

If you enjoy quiet

Alternatively, if you enjoy a more laid-back, quiet lifestyle, areas in the countryside may be for you.

Consider the Commute

If you want to keep your current job, how far are you prepared to commute? Will you be near to friends or family? You might even be thinking of starting a family, so is the area a family-friendly place?

Research Crime Rates

You need to consider crime rates, schools, council tax rates and the quality of transport links before moving to a new area, as these can all significantly affect how much you enjoy living there.

Familiarise Yourself with the New Area

To get used to a new area, spend some time wandering around and familiarising yourself with all the different streets, buildings and short cuts.

Learn the Transport Routes

Learn the local transport links and visit the local parks, pubs and shops; all the places you can see yourself spending a lot of your time, to see if you can imagine yourself living there long term. Look at the age group of most of the people in the area – are they your age? Older?

If you aren’t yet sure if you want to live in a completely new area, it might be a good idea to rent before buying a property and dealing with the stress of selling it if things don’t work out.

Is it Family-Friendly?

When you are moving with a family, you need to make sure you are moving somewhere child and family-friendly.

If you move somewhere with a lot of families, it’s safe to assume there will be a lot of child-friendly facilities and parks for them to play in.

Find out What the Schools are Like

Before you move, visit the Ofsted website to find out what the schools are like in the area. The local councils should also tell you the catchment areas of the schools – you need to know what school your children can get into.