6 Incredible Bedrooms Inspired by Tech Giants

Technology giants are inspiring professions across the world. From architects to fashion brands they are making their presence known.

As a lover of all things technical Compare My Move have dreamt up bedrooms inspired by some of the biggest tech brands of today. Compare My Move know a thing or two about bedrooms helping over 10,000 home owners move house each year providing them with competitive removal quotes in their local area. Users can also compare surveyors to get access to the best RICS regulated solicitors in the country.

To create these dream bedrooms, we’ve taken influence from product styles, brand colour-palettes, company ethos, and the designs of head offices.

From the minimalist and sleek Apple bedroom, to the colour-filled chaos of the Snapchat-inspired room, find out below exactly what it would be like to live in a bedroom based on your favourite tech giants.

1. Apple

Clean, orderly and sleek, this is the ultimate bedroom for all Apple enthusiasts. The colour palette of brushed metal, blue and grey was influenced by a range of Apple products, whilst the curved ceiling and clear glass windows were taken from the Apple head office. We’ve also blended in aspects of the Apple Genius Bars through the polished concrete, plants and furniture.

2. Snapchat

The most colourful room on our list, our Snapchat-inspired bedroom mixes bold colour, bright white, and the instantly recognisable Snapchat yellow. The room is strongly influenced by Snapchat emojis and filters, which account for the majority of the contents. Bright and cheerful, this bedroom was designed as a space to produce the best possible selfie.

3. Google

Well, you certainly won’t be bored in our Google-inspired bedroom. To make this room we took the playful feature of the Google offices and campus, including fake grass, table football, slides and a Google bike. The room makes use of the Google colours of red, yellow and blue, and even includes a nap pod with room for two when you need a break from all the vivid colours.

4. Netflix

Our Netflix-inspired bedroom is the perfect place for late nights or lazy weekends, as we’ve created a haven for film buffs. The room uses the deep reds and blacks found in the Netflix brand, mixed with the dark woods found at the Netflix head office. This is a room in which to close the blinds and watch a series back-to-back, so comes fully stocked with movie snacks and comfortable furniture.

5. Facebook

Our Facebook bedroom could be the home of any aspiring tech developer. The furniture, wall and layout are influenced by Facebook’s head office, whilst the blue colouring, neon lights and emojis are inspired by Facebook itself. The laid-back style of the room is also a nod to Facebook’s beginnings in a College dormitory. The room even includes a full range of grey t-shirts, so you can dress-to-impress like CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

6. Spotify

Our Spotify-inspired bedroom would be the dream basement room of any self-confessed music lover. The green and black colour palette was influenced by the Spotify branding, all mixed with a club-like feel through low light and neon. The contents of this bedroom were driven by all things music-related, with karaoke, a dancefloor, bass guitar and speaker system primed and ready.

Which Bedroom is Your Favourite?

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