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A historic county in South East England, Berkshire is also a ceremonial and non-metropolitan county without a county council. Much of the area is instead covered by the Reading Borough Council. If you’re planning to move to this historic part of the UK, then look no further as Compare My Move can connect you with up to 6 verified removal companies operating across Berkshire and surrounding locations.

All of our local partners can accommodate your specific requirements, providing first-class services that will get you safely from A to B. Before entering our network, every company must show proof of both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance, ensuring you and your belongings are protected throughout the entire process. Sit back, relax, and let one of our professional Berkshire removal partners do all the hard work for you.

By comparing removal quotes with our free online service, you could save up to 70% on your overall moving costs. Simply complete our easy form to get connected with the best professionals in your local area.

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FAQs About Moving to Berkshire

Our team has researched everything you need to know for your upcoming move to Berkshire. Our data shows that July is the favourite month to move house with the average removal cost being £1,889.38.

Research shows that the average house price in Berkshire stands at £474,463, whilst the average asking rent is currently £1,871 pcm.

Avg property price: £474,463
Avg rental price: £1,871 pcm
Avg removal costs: £1,889.38
Best time to move: July

How Much Are House Removal Costs In Berkshire?

According to our unique data, the average removal cost in Berkshire is £1,889.38. It was also revealed that previous users in the area paid as much as £2,262.86 for their removal, and as little as £1,045.54.

The total cost of your house move will depend on a variety of factors. These include the distance to be moved, the volume of items you’re taking and whether you require additional services such as self-storage or help with packing. If you’re looking to keep your removal costs down, don’t forget to declutter before your move and to compare removal quotes as early as possible.

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Average Removal Costs in Berkshire 2023
Average Removal Costs in Berkshire 2023

What Is The Best Time of Year To Move In Berkshire?

We can reveal that July is the most popular month to move house in Berkshire, seeing 11.01% of users. Summer is often popular amongst movers across the UK as the longer days and clearer skies create the perfect travelling conditions. The arrival of the summer school holidays is also a major factor to consider as many families prefer to move house outside of term time, so as to not disrupt their children’s education.

April proved to be the least popular month to move house in Berkshire, with just 6.12% of users opting for this time of the year. With exam season starting at this time, many families and students will avoid disrupting their term time with the moving process. Revising can be stressful, meaning the added chaos that comes with moving could become too much to handle.

November was also unpopular, with just 6.12% of users. The end of the year is often avoided as the Christmas holidays are in full swing and the preparation for it is often stressful and expensive. Adding the pressure of moving house to this can be too chaotic.

Popular Months to Move House in Berkshire 2023
Popular Months to Move House in Berkshire 2023

What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Berkshire?

Our team discovered that Saturday is the most popular day to move house in Berkshire, with 22.94% of all moves taking place on this day of the week. The weekend is often a popular choice amongst movers across the UK, as the additional time off work allows people to gradually unpack and complete the process without any added pressure. Friday was also popular with our Berkshire users, seeing 21.71%. Again, this shows that many local movers prefer to book a removal at the end of the week.

A lot of our Berkshire users avoided Sunday as their moving date, seeing just 3.98% of removals booked during this day of the week. Estate agents and solicitors will be closed on Sundays, making it difficult to move house and potentially causing delays. If any issues arise, you would have to wait until the following Monday to resolve them.

Popular Moving Days in Berkshire 2023
Popular Moving Days in Berkshire 2023

We can reveal that Newbury is the most popular location for users moving out of Berkshire, with 29.36% of removals booked for this area. As a quick comparison, the average property price in Berkshire is £474,463, whilst in Newbury, it’s slightly lower at £349,466.

During our research, we discovered that the average price recorded in Berkshire was similar to the nearby areas of Oxfordshire (£474,973) and Buckinghamshire (£496,142). However, according to rightmove, Berkshire was more expensive than Hampshire (£383,505). Within the county, the most expensive location recorded was Cookham Dean which averaged £1,908,950, whilst the cheapest was Colnbrook with an average of £334,365.

Other popular locations included Reading, Thatcham and London. Let's explore the property market in each location as well as the latest sold house price.

Top Locations For Berkshire Movers 2023
Top Locations For Berkshire Movers 2023
  • Newbury

    Newbury saw a majority of 29.36% of users and currently has an average house price of £349,466. Over the last year, flats accounted for the majority of property sales in the area, selling for an average of £221,490. Semi-detached houses were also popular, averaging £393,341, whilst terraced homes averaged £313,262.

  • Reading

    Next on our list is Reading, with 15.29% of removals booked and an average property price of £374,478. Over the last year, local buyers preferred terraced houses which sold for an average of £321,455. Semi-detached properties sold for an average of £418,314, whilst flats averaged £224,720.

  • Thatcham

    Seeing 6.12% of users, Thatcham currently has an average house price of £330,891. This latest figure is actually 2% down on the previous year and 4% up on the peak price of £317,415 in 2018. The majority of property sales were for semi-detached homes, selling for an average of £338,743.

  • London

    Over the last year, sold property prices in London increased by 14% compared to the previous year and by 19% since the peak price of £740,072 in 2019. The latest figure is now £880,099. Around 3.98% of our users chose this location, with the majority of buyers preferring flats which sold for £611,730.