Brexit: Remain Constituents Move to Leave

26.5% of Remain constituents have ‘moved’ to Leave areas since the EU Referendum

Has Brexit affected where you live? Compare My Move has analysed almost 200,000 home moves since the EU Referendum in 2016 to find out how UK voters have ‘moved’ – whether or not they have moved home from Remain to Leave constituencies, or vice versa.

According to our home move data 26.5% of users have moved from Remain to Leave constituencies.

Only 18.4% of our home movers went from Leave to Remain constituencies.

The full data set can be found here.

Brexit Bubble 26

Remainers Leave

26.5% of Remain constituents
moved to Leave constituencies

Brexit Bubble 18

Leavers Remain

18.4% of Leave constituents
moved to Remain constituencies

Brexit Bubble 60

Highest Swing

Ilford South saw the highest
swing with 60.7% moving to Leave

Brexit Bubble 0

Lowest Swing

Doncaster North movers stuck to
their Leave votes with 0% swing

What does this mean? Our home movers were originally skewed towards Remain with 55.12% of our users hailing from Remain constituencies and 44.88% living in Leave constituencies. But in the years following the EU Referendum, we’ve seen more movers leaving Remain behind and moving to Leave constituencies.

Interestingly, home movers overwhelmingly stayed in constituencies corresponding to their original one – 81.6% of Leave constituents stayed in or moved to a Leave area, with 73.5% of Remain constituents staying in or moving to a Remain area.

Brexit Bubble Boris

Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister's Uxbridge and South Ruislip constituency saw a swing of 46.8% from Leave to Remain

Brexit Bubble Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn

The Leader of the opposition saw a swing of 16.73% from Remain to Leave in his constituency of Islington North

Brexit Bubble Moggs

Jacob Rees-Mogg

Leader of the House of Commons saw a 24.55% swing from Leave to Remain in his constituency, North East Somerset

Brexit Bubble Watson

Tom Watson

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party saw an 8.05% swing from Leave to Remain in his constituency, West Bromwich East

“Analysing all of our home moves since the EU Referendum has revealed some interesting trends,” said Compare My Move founder, David Sayce. “We’ve seen a huge swing towards Leave, with UK residents seemingly voting with their feet.”

“But whether you voted Remain or Leave, there are plenty of other factors which are far more important when choosing your next home. It’s important to remember that home moves do not reflect the political allegiance of our movers – but do highlight some interesting patterns.”

“Have UK voters changed their mind since the EU Referendum? A house move is unlikely to tell us everything about a person’s voting habits, but it may indicate various socio-economic factors based on the areas they choose to move into.”

“But the big surprise? Boris Johnson’s constituency has seen a large number of movers heading to Remain constituencies – and that doesn’t look good for a PM promising to deliver Brexit.”

All data was obtained on 27th September 2019 and was correct at the time of publishing.

The full data set can be found here: