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Tackling Difficult and Awkward moves

Rhydian Ball
Written by Rhydian Ball
26th January 2018 (Last updated on Tuesday 9th April 2019)

In this guide Compare My Move give you some tips on what to take into mind when tackling awkward or difficult house removals to make your moving day run smoothly. 

Moving home can be a complex process at the best of time. With many choices to make such as what to keep and what to throw away or sell; how you will organise and schedule in packing; and what are your best options for physically moving your home contents. What’s worse, this whole process can be made even more complex by awkward or out of the ordinary situations.

These situations can include moving from very large homes or mansions, moving in or out of isolated properties, those with very limited access or having special items such as high-value antiques, collectables or exotic animal tanks that need transporting between two locations. 

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This article will cover the following points

Large Properties Isolated Properties Properties with Poor Access Special Requests Preparation is Key

Moving Large Properties or Mansions

When moving out of a large property such as a mansion the task of moving all of your contents can seem like an impossible task. But worry not, as long as you approach this in a planned way it can be much easier than you might expect. Below we give a couple of tips on making this type of move go much smoother. 

Systematically Pack 

When moving out of an apartment or small house, it is likely that you can chuck all your things into a couple of boxes, throw them into the back of a truck and away you go. However, when it comes to packing a large amount of contents over a large space or number of rooms, taking a systematic approach is going to pay dividends.

For example, creating a plan by listing all of the rooms in your home, including any outbuilding, lofts and cellars will allow you to work through each room and plan what and how you are going to pack. It is also a good idea to label each box with what is inside as well as which room it will need to be unpacked into in order to easily find where it will go in your new home.

This is a smart move as it will allow the removals company to place each box in the relevant room, as well as saving you time searching through potentially hundreds of boxes at the other end.

It is also worth considering getting in some extra help when moving out of a very large home. Of course, if you can rope in friends and family this can work great, but if you want professional help removal companies will often offer a service to help you with packing. Make sure you communicate your packing plans well to those that help you to ensure that everything gets put into the right place.


If you are moving out of a large home it is likely that you will be using a removals company to help you. Although these businesses are usually highly professional and know their trade exceedingly well, keeping a good line of communication with them will ultimately give them and you a much easier time during the removal process.

Communicating your plans for packing and how you intend for the move to work will help them to help you on moving day. Also tell them if there are any potential issue or challenges with getting the contents in or out of the building.   

Working well with your removals company will make everything run smoother. To help them in understanding the scale of the project it is likely that they will arrange to either send a professional to survey your home or suggest the use of an app that can be used to undertake removal surveys with ease. 

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Moving Isolated Properties

Living in isolation from the rest of the world can be a calm and relaxing dream. But when it comes to moving it can create a few challenges that need to be considered and remedied to make the moving process run without a hitch. 

Below we give a couple of areas that should be considered when moving out of isolated properties and how they can be remedied. 


Of course, one of the main areas to consider when moving out of a property off the beaten path is that it will have limited access. This is an issue due to the nature of the vehicles that removals businesses will use to help you move. These are often vans or trucks that may struggle to get down very narrow paths or over very rough or uneven road services.

The best way to deal with this is to communicate the potential issues with access to your removals company. It is also a good idea to mention any ideas or solutions you have in helping with these potential challenges. They will be able to tell you if their vehicles will be able to cope with these restrictions or whether special arrangements will have to be made.


There are also some other potential risks associated with moving out of isolated properties. For example, if the building itself, the route or environment around the property are likely to flood, ice over or be subject to heavy snow then these could create issues with getting vehicles to and from the property. It may also slow down or completely halt the removals process if the movers cannot get into and out of the property with ease.

Again, good and clear communication of these potential risks to the removals company will allow them to assess the risks and create contingency plans where appropriate. If you decide to have a survey done you should mention these potential risks to the surveyor if they are not immediately obvious. 

Properties with Poor Access

Similar in many ways to isolated properties, although not always physically detached from the rest of the world, are properties with poor access such as narrow lanes or tricky roads leading to them. 

Again, the key to moving out of these properties is good communication with the removals companies. Explaining how accessing your property may be an issue will ensure that they can consider or remedy these issues ahead of the move.

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Special Requests

Moving large and isolated properties certainly have their nuances that can be a challenge, but equally can be remedied with a few considerations taken and plans made. But what about the contents itself? When it comes to moving certain special items, this can need a good amount of planning in order to ensure that no damage is done to the items themselves. 

At Compare My Move we have already written a detailed guide on how to move fragile and high-value items. Below we give a quick summary on making special requests when moving.

If you have a collection of high-value and much beloved items, such as antiques, fish or exotic animal tanks or art, you will want to take special care when moving them. For example, using a specialist moving service such as white glove removals will allow you to gain peace of mind that your antiques are in professional and safe hands. This service is often offered by normal removal companies as an optional extra. This works by specialist and highly trained movers will come to your house to move selected items.

It is also important to ensure that these items are wrapped and packaged well to keep them very well protected in transit. Using a paper to initially wrap the objects to protect them from scuff or scratches and then packing them in a good quality box with additional padding on the inside will ensure your items are kept safe. 

Talking to your removals company will give you a better idea of the special arrangements that can be made for these types of objects when moving home. They may suggest a survey is undertaken in order to understand all the contents of your home and make recommendations based on any special items.

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Preparation is Key

In this guide, we have covered some of the potential issues faced when undertaking a difficult, awkward or unusual move. We have also given some tips on how to tackle these issues and ensure that your move goes without a hitch. In short, taking time to consider these challenges such as moving out of a large house, isolated or restricted access properties and moving unusual or high-value items will allow you to make plans to mitigate them.

Also, keeping a strong line of communication with your removals company will help them to understand the issues and risks associated with your move. This is beneficial to make their job easier, but also for you are they are experts in tackling these types of issues.