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A Guide To Goods In Transit Insurance

Martha Lott
Written by Martha Lott
15th March 2017 (Last updated on Tuesday 6th August 2019)

When you hire a removal company, they should have Goods in Transit insurance to cover you and your belongings from any damage or loss that might happen throughout your move.

At Compare My Move, we pride ourselves on delivering the best house removals experience through our professional moving partners. Every removal company that joins our partner network must be able to provide Goods in Transit insurance for our users and their customers.

It's not worth the risk to hire a removal company that doesn't have Goods in Transit insurance. Whilst they may seem cheaper than other removal companies, it's worth paying extra for the peace of mind you'll have that your belongings are fully protected. 

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This article will cover the following points

What is Goods in Transit Insurance? Goods in Transit Insurance for Removals What is Covered During Your House Removal? How to Dispute Damages Using a Removal Company Without Goods in Transit Insurance Save on Your House Removals

What is Goods in Transit Insurance?

Goods in Transit insurance is an insurance policy that all removals companies should have. It will cover you from any damage or losses to your personal belongings during the move. You don't need to buy Goods in Transit insurance, any reputable removal company will be fully insured with Goods in Transit insurance and will always be included within your removal company costs.

Goods in Transit insurance will protect your belongings from:

  • Theft while in transit.
  • Damage caused by accidents during transit.
  • Loss during transit.
  • Damage caused during transit.
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Goods in Transit Insurance for Removals

In most scenarios, you will not need to sort out your own Goods in Transit Insurance. All Compare My Move removal companies will be fully insured with Goods in Transit insurance, usually covering you up to as much as £50,000 for damages. This can vary depending on which removal company you choose. 

Before choosing your removal company, check their insurance policies to find out how you will be covered for any damages during your move. You should find out how much their policy will cover too, just to give you further peace of mind for your move. These should be questions to ask your removal company.

What is Covered During Your House Removal?

Many of our removal companies offer varying levels of cover for your move. While we require removal companies to offer Goods in Transit insurance for their customers, it is always good to check the level of cover with your house removal company. It should be noted that you will not be covered for Goods in Transit Insurance if you pack your belongings yourself. Your removal company must have packed your belongings in order to be covered by this insurance.

Our partner’s insurance policy will also have a limit on the value of goods they cover. The majority of our partners have a maximum cover of £10,000 per vehicle, while others may offer coverage of up to £50,000. Although your mover’s insurance should easily cover you in case of damages, it is worth checking policies beforehand if you are transporting highly valuable goods during your move.

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How to Dispute Damages

If you find any damages from your move, get in contact with your chosen removal company as soon as possible, remembering to take pictures of the belongings.

Once your company has been informed of any breakages, they will report the incident to their insurance company. The insurance company will then decide whether the damages fall in line with the company’s policy and will give a verdict, usually within 30 days of the claim. Failing that, take a look at our guide on how to dispute removal company damages for more information.

Using a Removal Company Without Goods in Transit Insurance

Working with an uninsured removal company will mean that none of your belongings will be covered while they are in transit. Some home contents insurance policies may cover moving house, but this is by no means standard.

Using a company with the required insurance means that your belongings are all covered, from losing items to damaging furniture during transit.

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