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A Guide To Home Removal Surveys

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
15th March 2017 (Last updated on Thursday 2nd May 2019)

The purpose of a home survey is to provide you with an accurate house removals quote. To do this, a removal company representative must assess the contents of your entire home. This includes everything, from all the bedrooms, office, loft, shed, garden, kitchen, front room, etc.

You should guide your representative around your house, letting them know what does or does not need to be taken. Allow them to look in cupboards and hidden areas to get the most accurate quotation.

Bring to their attention any items that may need extra care, such as paintings and antiques. These kinds of items will require specialist care to ensure they remain in good condition during your move.

You should also make the representative aware of any items you are buying in the future, before your move, such as beds, furniture or other substantial items.

At the end of your survey, the representative may not necessarily give you a quotation straight away, but may sometimes go back to the office to calculate the quotation correctly. Whether or not you get an instant quote will depend on the removal company.

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This article will cover the following points

What Questions Will You Be Asked? Which Questions Should I Ask? How Long Does a Home Removals Survey Take? Additional Services How to Prepare for the Moving Survey

What Questions Will You Be Asked?

You will almost definitely be asked about accessibility, as this is a major consideration for any move. Questioning accessibility will be in regards to several factors, including parking, limited access, obstacles and any lifts or stairs involved.

Removal companies will also ask about your budget. You do not have to give an exact answer to this, as some companies may use your budget to influence their quotation. Instead, explain to your representative which aspects of your move are the most important to you, such as help packing or any furniture you need dismantling.

They will also ask you the number of rooms in your property, including the loft, cellar and garden if applicable. Finally, they will also ask whether they should be aware of any special requirements, such as pets or moving with elderly relatives. This will help them cater to your specific circumstances.

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Which Questions Should I Ask?

It is recommended to ask as many questions as you can think of to get a good idea of the company and what will be happening on moving day. Of course, what you ask will depend on what you do or don’t already know. However, we recommend that you at least ask about their insurance and how you will be covered during the move.

You may also want to ask about timescales and the order of the day once you finally get to moving house.

How Long Does a Home Removals Survey Take?

The time it takes to carry out a home survey will largely depend on the size of your home. Typically, an assessment lasts around 30 minutes, although this can be shorter or longer. As providing a quotation is a free service, and you may be busy during the day, some representatives may want to limit the time it takes to provide your quotation.

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Additional Services

During your home survey, your representative may ask whether you would like any additional services. These are optional and are there to make your move that little bit easier. Some extra services may include packing, providing packing materials, dismantling and reassembling furniture. Make sure you know what's included in your removal costs.

How to Prepare for the Moving Survey

Your representative will carry out most of the work. However, work out the number of rooms in your home and what needs to be moved. The loft should also be made accessible if it is required. Other than that, just be prepared for the usual questions.