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Looking for a removal company in Chelsea? With an average moving cost of £1,075, we've helped over 3,600 people move home and save money across Chelsea in the last year. Compare My Move can connect you with up to 6 verified and reviewed removal companies in your local area, taking the stress out of moving.

A popular and affluent area known for its grand properties, we have 50 quality removal companies covering Chelsea. Every company is put through our strict verification process before joining us as a partner. They must also agree to our code of practice. Our dedicated new business team diligently checks third-party reviews, in addition to company documentation to ensure every company has both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance.

If you're moving within or from the Chelsea area, compare London removal companies with us to save up to 70% on your moving costs.

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    FAQs About Moving to Chelsea

    Our team have worked hard to inform our users of the latest research and information for their moves to Chelsea. We can reveal that the average cost of removal companies in Chelsea is currently £1,075. We also found that warmer months are the favourite time for a house move, with September specifically being the most popular. 

    The average property price for the area stands at £2,177,548. For those looking to rent, the average cost in Chelsea is £3,951 pcm. Rest assured, we can connect you with up to 6 removal companies in your local area to compare.

    Avg property price: £2,177,548​
    Avg rental price: £3,951
    Avg removal costs: £1,075
    Best time to move: September

    How Much Are House Removal Costs In Chelsea?

    Our data discovered that the average removal company cost in Chelsea was £1,075. We calculated that the lowest price seen within the area was £759, whilst the highest cost of a removal company was £1,392. This successfully portrays just how much prices can fluctuate, depending on a variety of factors.

    The final cost of your removal company will depend on how far you’re moving, the size of your house, whether or not you need additional services and the specific removal company’s pricing. Don't forget, to get the best price for your removal, make sure you compare removal quotes before booking.

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    Average Removal Costs in Chelsea 2023
    Average Removal Costs in Chelsea 2023

    What is The Best Time of Year To Move in Chelsea?

    Our dedicated team have worked tirelessly to collect the latest research and data for your move to Chelsea. Our unique data shows that the favourite month for a house move in the borough was September, with 13.33% choosing this date. Another reoccurring favourite was July, with 10.91% of movers opting for this month. It's easy to see why these warmer summer months are so popular, with the longer and lighters days giving movers more time to safely unpack and settle in their new house.

    Surprisingly, we discovered that May was the least popular month for moving in Chelsea, with just over 4% choosing a May date. This result could be due to the start of exam season throughout many of the local schools. As moving house is often chaotic, it would be reasonable to conclude that many families do not wish to disrupt their children's revision, delaying the move.

    Our trusted and reliable removal partners can accommodate your house move during any month of the year. Whether you prefer a winter or summer move, they are here to help at all times. Just don't forget to book early if you're considering a summer move to beat the competition.

    Popular Months to Move House in Chelsea 2023
    Popular Months to Move House in Chelsea 2023

    What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Chelsea?

    We can reveal that the most popular day of the week for a house move in Chelsea was Saturday according to our research, with 20.91% of movers choosing this day for their moving date. This was followed closely by Friday, with a further 17.27% opting for a weekend move. This isn't surprising as many British movers prefer to book a weekend removal as it provides them with extra time to unpack and settle in, without disrupting their work.

    We also discovered that the least popular day for a house move in Chelsea was Sunday, with just 6.06% choosing the end of the weekend. As estate agents and solicitor’s offices tend to be closed on Sundays, many people will avoid completing on this day to avoid delays. A Sunday move may also result in more time off work, should you require the following week to unpack.

    Rest assured, our reliable removal companies are here to help with your house move any day of the week. Whether you prefer a Monday or a Friday move, we can connect you with up to 6 reliable removal companies to choose from.

    Popular Moving Days in Chelsea 2023
    Popular Moving Days in Chelsea 2023

    Are you moving out of Chelsea? We've also consulted our unique data to discover the most popular locations for those moving out of Chelsea. With an average property price as high as £2,177,548, it's understandable that many homeowners would wish to relocate to explore more affordable housing. Rest assured, our removal partners can accommodate both local and long-distance moves - whether you’re staying local or moving out of the borough, they’re here to help.

    When looking at our data, we discovered that both Lambeth and Hackney were joint-favourites with previous movers, with 10.42% opting to call these boroughs home. Westminster and Barnet were also included in the top 5, allowing them to feature in our final list.

    To help you explore the many choices available, we’ve listed 4 of the most popular destinations for users moving out of Chelsea, including their average house price for February 2021 as well as some intriguing details that could help with your upcoming move.

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    Top Locations For Chelsea Movers 2023
    Top Locations For Chelsea Movers 2023
    • Lambeth

      Lambeth is a popular location for a lot of London movers, especially those leaving Chelsea. Over 10% of the removals added to our data relocated here in 2020. The average house price in Lambeth stands at £922,224.

    • Hackney

      Another favourite with our Chelsea movers, Hackney is a creative and diverse borough that offers a great community feel. The average house price is £665,689.

    • Westminster

      Boasting a sought after property market and excellent transport links, Westminster has a staggering average house price of £1,232,733. It’s a highly affluent area that's often popular with young professionals.

    • Barnet

      Barnet is another popular borough and we can easily see why. With plenty of green spaces and excellent schools, the average house price in Barnet is £724,752 making it a great area for growing families.

    What Are The Average Property Prices In Chelsea?

    If you’re moving to Chelsea, it’s important to know the latest house prices across the borough. To narrow down your choices, we have looked at 4 specific areas within the Chelsea postcode. For comparison, we also calculated the average house price in the borough of Chelsea, which currently stands at £2,177,548. Rest assured, our removal partners will help with your move whether you’re staying local or moving further afield.

    After seeing a rather large decline in June 2020, property prices throughout the borough have slowly begun increasing. The biggest yearly increase was recorded during November 2020 where prices rose by a staggering 13%. However, after this steady growth, February 2021 saw a yearly decline of -7.5%, meaning you may notice some properties decreasing in value.

    Below we look at Earl’s Court, Notting Hill, Holland Park and Brompton, including their average property price as well as some details about the area to aid your house and location hunt. We have included a range of locations to cater to a variety of tastes and budgets.

    Average Property Price For Locations in Chelsea 2023
    Average Property Price For Locations in Chelsea 2023
    • Earl’s Court

      Home to red brick victorian properties and excellent schools, Earl’s Court is a highly desirable area of Chelsea. The average house price in Earl’s Court is £1,806,908.

    • Notting Hill

      Great transport links, highly-rated Ofsted schools and an abundance of green spaces, Notting Hill also boasts Georgian, Edwardian, Victorian and modern architecture. The average house price is £2,011,777.

    • Holland Park

      Home to mansions and celebrities, Holland Park is an extremely sought after areas of Chelsea. The average house price for property in Holland Park stands at £2,295,503.

    • Brompton

      Popular amongst art students and creative types, Brompton typically attracts renters due to its high average property price of £2,718,556.

    What is the Average Rent in Chelsea?

    We understand that not everyone will be looking to buy immediately. You might be looking at renting in Chelsea instead, especially when factoring in the high property prices. To help you understand some of the many choices available, we have looked at the average rental prices in a variety of locations within Chelsea, allowing you to easily compare.

    According to Zoopla, the average asking rent in Chelsea is £3,951 pcm, with 1-bedroom flats averaging around £2,270 pcm and 2-bedroom houses costing approximately £4,039 pcm. These are incredibly high monthly payments, which is why we've tried to include locations with a mixture of prices to cater to a variety of budget types.

    Below we will take a look at the average rent in Ladbroke Grove, South Kensington, World's End and West Brompton, including their average asking rent for 1-bed flats and 1-bed houses as shown on Zoopla.

    Average Rent (pcm) In Chelsea 2023
    Average Rent (pcm) In Chelsea 2023
    • Ladbroke Grove

      If you're looking to rent in Ladbroke Grove, you can expect to pay an average of £2,487 pcm, with 1-bedroom flats costing £1,874 pcm and 2-bedroom houses averaging at £2,503 pcm.

    • South Kensington

      The average asking rent in South Kensington is £5,953 pcm, with 1-bedroom flats averaging at £2,905 pcm and 2-bedroom houses costing approximately £5,680 pcm.

    • World’s End

      According to Zoopla, World's End has an average rent price of £3,397 pcm. Their data suggests that you can expect to pay £1,900 pcm for a 1-bedroom flat and £4,010 pcm for a 2-bedroom house.

    • West Brompton

      Renting in West Brompton will cost around £3,557 pcm, with 1-bedroom flats averaging at £1,930 pcm and 2-bedroom houses costing around £3,146 pcm.