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Moving House Essentials

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
22nd March 2017 (Last updated on Wednesday 27th February 2019)

Whoop! Moving Day is here! It is a busy and exciting day and as with any great adventure, you are going to need to pack a survival kit. Use the last few moments before the removals guys arrive to pack your moving house essentials, this will help massively when you reach your new home and you'll thank us for it later.

Below are the basics… These items are to go with you in your car… Not in the removal van. Of course, you know what extras you need. If you're moving house with kids, don’t forget to pack a moving day bag for them too and for the love of holy gawd, don’t forget to pack their tablets to keep them occupied!

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Your Moving House Essentials:

Bedding Towels and Toiletries Shower Curtain Kettle, Mugs, Tea, Coffee Snacks Bin Liners Toilet Paper Tools Cleaning Products Phone Charger Change of Clothes


You don’t know how far you’ll get with your unpacking on day 1. It is always a good idea to make sure you have your bedding with you so that if you are completely exhausted, you can just go to bed. 

It would be really rubbish if you had to go through all of your boxes looking for your pillow on the first night when your body aches from all the lifting and your brain aches from all the stressing and you’ve had an adrenaline dump after all the anticipation of the move.

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Towels and Toiletries

Pretty obvious but people do forget. Make sure you have a towel and your toiletries so you can have a shower before you have unpacked. Nothing quite like the feeling of wanting a bath but not being able to take one.

Shower Curtain

So, you’ve got your towel and your shower gel… Not going to get far without a shower curtain though. If the house had a shower curtain when you viewed it, don’t assume it’ll still be there when you move in. Many people take their shower curtains with them, Even if they don’t… You might prefer to hang your own or a new one.

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Kettle, Mugs, Tea, Coffee

Probably THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING… OK, maybe not… But seriously… If you’re not going to brew up countless times for yourself and the removals teams and drink copious amounts of tea and coffee while you work then, who are you?! There is no describing the sheer desperation us Brits feel when we are parched and in need of a cuppa!


Moving makes for hungry work. Snacks will be needed, especially if you have kids. These children… they need feeding every day… It’s so inconvenient. But anyway… The sustenance will come in handy when you’re trying to power through the packing, loading, unloading and….. supervising.

Bin Liners

A handy thing to have with you on moving day. You are bound to have some last-minute bits of rubbish that need to go out… Or when you get to the new place, there might be some clearing up to be done.

Claire Watson, 28th January 2019
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Toilet Paper

Again…. Think about it…. Is there likely to be a loo roll in the new, empty house? Be smart people!


Just the basics. A small toolkit will come in really handy for the dismantling or reassembling or any last-minute DIY. Plus…. Basic tools are the kind of thing that always seem to be in demand on a busy day when everyone is working.

Cleaning Products

You will want to clean as you go along as your house is being emptied…. Then when you get to your new home, you might want to give everythinga  quick wipe down. Also, it is worth remembering that often…. Boxes can get grubby and dusty in the removal van, plus with the removal team in and out, dirt will be walked in…. It’s just nice to have a multi-purpose cleaner and a cloth handy.

Phone Charger

Let’s not pretend that you won’t have a meltdown if you are unplugged from the world of facebook, Pinterest, Candy Crush and Whatsapp!…. Don’t forget your charger!

Change of Clothes

You don’t know how long it will take to unpack your clothes. It will be nice to have a change of clothes with you should you need them. Pack some PJs too.

That’s about it. Obviously, you can add to this accordingly. Chat to your SO, the kids, whoever is moving with you and have a real-good think about what you are going to need with you in the first few hours at the new house. For more life saving home moving information, check out Compare My Move’s Moving House Tips.

Good Luck in your new home!