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This company is no longer a member of our partner network

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Aylesbury International Movers

Company Overview

Based in Aylesbury, we are a long-established company with more than 10 years’ experience in the removals industry. Our services provide international home removals solutions with regular trips to Spain, Germany, France and Italy. Aylesbury International Movers offer excellent part load and small load removals for those wanting to move fewer items than the average. Our professionally trained staff will always be on hand to help you during the moving process and will ensure your belongings are secure and protected during transit. On top of removals, we are also proud to offer a dynamic range of storage solutions to help you with space.

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International Home Removals

Specialising in house moves overseas, we provide international removals from anywhere in the UK. With professional and experienced staff on hand to help with your move, we are also able to provide packing materials to make everything just that little bit easier. To take the stress completely out of moving day, let us take care of the packing for you, as well as any dismantling of furniture for transit. We have a fleet of lorries at our disposal, with some making regular trips to mainland Europe, meaning there is no move too big or small for us to deliver.

Local Home Removals

While we do specialise in international removals, Aylesbury International Movers will also help you move from Buckinghamshire to anywhere in the UK. Our comprehensive services allow us to tailor a package to meet your needs. Whether you are in need of packing, assembly and disassembly, or just packing materials, we have it covered. We have a number of lorries on site, meaning there is no moving day too big or small for us. Our professional and experienced staff will be on hand at all times to help with your move, whether you are moving two minutes down the road or across the country.


There are many reasons someone might need storage, whether it’s to find space in their current home, or moving into temporary accommodation. Our storage solutions allow you to store as much or as little as needed in our secure and protected on-site storage warehouse.

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