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B & E Removals & Storage

Company Overview

Welcome to B & E Removals, we are a local company offering removals services to households and companies moving within the UK and overseas. Trading since 1988, we have a reputation for quality, efficiency and reliability. When you choose the team here at B & E Removals, you can relax knowing that we offer the complete package.

Since June 2013
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Home Removals

We have a purpose built Mercedes removals trucks that can help you and your family move your household belongings anywhere in the UK. We supply all the protection blankets, sofa covers, mattress bags and clothes rails, and everything else you’d expect from a professional home removals company.


We have the storage space you need, whether you’re moving between homes or de-cluttering a current home. We can offer you a secure solution for all your needs in our warehouse which will help you keep your goods safe and clean. We can create a cost-effective solution for all your storage needs.


We feel that professional packing is the key to a successful move so why not call in our packing team to help ensure your move runs smoothly and without a hitch, freeing up your time to deal with the other things that are involved with the big move. With our packing service, you will have minimum disruption to your busy household. Alternatively, we can give you all the packing materials you need to pack up your home yourself in your own time.

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