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Company Overview

Bannister & Co is a family run removals company set up by John and Pippa Banister. Servicing Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas, Banister & Co go the extra mile with their dedicated team of experienced staff. With customer in mind, the company’s mission is simply to protect the possessions during transit as if they were their own. The company follows a very strict employment policy and employs people within their family or close friends – this allows them to keep control of their quality service.

Whether you are looking to move down the road or overseas, Banister & Co have helped previous clients move as far as New Zealand, Australia and the USA, as well as across Europe.

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Home Removals

Banister & Co use a hand-picked team of family and close friends to help move your home quickly and affordably. The company believes it is their job to make sure moving day is as stress free for the customer as possible – and with a team brimming with excitement and joy, each move is made as smoothly as possible.


They can provide a variety of services to meet your needs, from packing and transit to dismantling furniture and reassembly on arrival.

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