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Control Group (UK)

Company Overview

Welcome to Control Group (UK), we are a leading business solutions provider offering help with business moves along with document destruction, interior design and document archiving. Through our range of office move services we are able to offer our clients the total and complete business solution to help with all their office relocation requirements.

Since November 2015
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Office Relocations

We can accommodate any size of business move, from an SME looking to move to their own office space or a larger organisation relocating their headquarters. We have also helped multi-site organisations and are accustomed to dealing with more complicated and demanding office move types. We can provide the additional help and relocation services to suit the needs of your move and your business.


All furniture that is included in your office move can be taken apart and then reassembled at the new office premises; we can also work with you to plan out interiors and space planning within your new place of work or office space.


We have a storage service for any excess furniture or documentation; the boxes will be given a bar code allowing for them to be found easily when needed. We believe that our storage service is second to none as it is simple and cost-effective for our clients.

IT Relocation

Here at Control Group we have a team of IT division staff members who can oversee, advise and assist in the movement of all of your business IT and network relocation needs. From the simple tasks such as moving computers and printers to more complex move including patching terminals to networks and server systems. We have the IT skills and experience to help your business move run smoothly.

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