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Removals Companies may be ten a penny these days but Daily Movers stormed the market in 1992 when our founder David Bone identified the growing need for a professional, quality and customer centric removals service. There were so many ‘man and van’ services or big company names, we came along offering real quality and an ‘extra mile’ approach to our customers. We have helped a staggering 2,500 customers per year. We are the experts and we will put you first. We aim to tailor our service to you, taking into account any specific requirements and needs and ensuring the service is as affordable as it is professional. We operate in the Midlands and we are proud to be one of the most well-known and recognisable removals services in the area. We specialise in home removals, no matter how big or small, as well as commercial removals. We offer packing services to help ease some of the workloads for you and we can provide professional packing materials for your home move. As well as removals, we have long and short-term storage solutions available. With our 15 years’ experience, we have everything you’ll need for your removals and storage needs.

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  • Shanade Bradley on 19/09/2017

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    Ripped floor in several places. Broke American fridge freezer which I am still chasing for repair (4 weeks ago) did not bring correct size lorry which I agreed to. Took from 8.30am to 10.30pm to move us 40 minutes down the road! Would not recommend!

  • Lee Hancock on 31/08/2017

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    Really good service, thoroughly recommended! Move went smoothly with no issues and finished ahead of time.

    More Information

    Home Removals

    A successful home removal requires skills and expertise, something the Daily Movers team has in abundance. We have years of specific experience and we can guarantee a smooth transition, relieving you of the burden of the dreaded moving house stress. When you chose Daily Movers for your home removals, you will be assigned a moving consultant who will oversee and execute your move. Taking care of the logistics and all those extra little jobs that you may not have thought about just yet.

    One of the greatest perks and benefits of using Daily Moves for your home removal needs is the extremely affordable price. We would welcome you to compare the costs of other removal companies in the area and across the UK and you’ll realise just how remarkably reasonable our rates are. Although we will most definitely offer you a fantastic deal on your removal costs, you will not be forfeiting the quality of the service you receive.

    With an impressive fleet of Removals Vehicles and a dedicated team of staff, your furniture and other household belongings will be in safe hands throughout their journey to your new home. We understand and respect the anxiety that can be felt when handing over your entire household to a group of strangers but our friendly team aim to put you at ease throughout the entire process. Suitably trained and appropriately kitted out with all the professional removals equipment, you can rest assured that the Daily Movers outfit will take good care of you and your belongings ensuring a seamless transition.

    Packing and Boxes

    We have found that many people dismiss the idea of opting for a packing service as they assume it will be well out of their budget. We offer packing solutions designed to relieve stress and pressure from home movers and seriously cutting the workload for customers. Packing services are well worth careful consideration for the time they will save alone. Here at Daily Movers, we have various packing solutions available to you. You can opt for a full pack and move service for sheer ease and convenience, or, if you would prefer to do the packing yourself, you might want to consider just a part pack service for select items such as fragile or breakable items. Our team are specifically trained in packing for transport so your items are in good hands.

    We use only professional packing materials designed specifically for the task at hand. Our materials will safely contain your items for the move. This will include variously sized durable cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, bubble wrap and all other necessary items. You won’t need to provide any of the materials yourself. We take care of all of that.


    As well as removals, Daily Movers offer a range of storage solutions to suit your needs. With our secure warehouse facility located in Nottingham, we can collect and house your items short or long term. We will assess the amount of space you need and can adjust as and when you need to add or take away from the load. Our containers are in a secure location so you can rest assured, your belongings are safely stored. You can get access to your belongings at any time and we also offer a door to door service.

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