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We’ve been helping people move home since 1948, we started by helping local friends and neighbours and through word of mouth and recommendations the business has just grown and grown. We feel that you only get out what you put in, and here at Daleys Move we put in a lot to ensure that our customers get the best service that they not only expect but deserve.

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Since August 2014
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  • Kathryn Morgan from Bury on 1/05/2018

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    A friendly, courteous and careful service. Would definitely recommend Daleys.

    Daleysmove of Daleys Move replied:
    Hi Mrs Morgan,Thank you for your lovely message and your Custom.

  • Alison Jennings from Wigan on 16/03/2018

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    Although the removal team were one man short on both days we can't fault the service as they went above and beyond to get us in to our new home - thanks Mav and Lee.

  • Ray Lee from Wigan on 15/03/2018

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    The guys worked hard and with care, however the company failed to provide the correct cover for the TVs and furniture just used felt covers and these were only used once the items entered the van and this was during heavy rain.
    Other removal firms I have used arrived with basic packing material in case extra packing was required free of charge but the guys had to use my tape etc.
    Should I require a removal firm again I would not use this company.

    More Information

    Home Move

    When it comes to moving house the home removals team here at Daleys Move will help and support you and your family through your move. We will work with you to understand what materials, equipment and tools that you need, so we can ensure that your house move day goes to plan. We will provide you with a schedule for your moving day that we can all work to on your moving day, to ensure it runs smoothly.

    Packing Materials

    We can supply you with your packing materials, such as bike boxes, book boxes, mattress bags, picture frame boxes and all boxes and materials that you might need for your move. We will also take the time to talk to you and offer advice and guidance on how much packing materials you will need.

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