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D F Removals

Company Overview

About the Company

At DF Removals, we offer removal and storage services with a view to keeping your home or office removal smooth and free from major stress. We are one of the best removal companies in the UK and we provide outstanding and efficient removal and storage options to our valued customers.

Our dedicated and committed team of branch managers, removal foremen and operatives work to the highest standard in this competitive industry to ensure you are happy you chose DF Removals. We fully understand and appreciate the enormity of moving and we put a huge importance on transporting your belongings securely. We stay focussed on the move from beginning to end.

We have a wealth of experience in all kinds of moves. We have worked on basic home removals to nationwide and even large administrations and offices. Whatever or wherever you need to move, we can offer a competitive price.

Our Services

Residential Moves

We offer a smooth and utterly reliable range of services for removals for your home or business. We will help you with every aspect of your move. Our impressive fleet of vans and removal staff can move your belongings regardless of volume. We aim to make your removal an easy one. Our staff are incredibly experienced, we are polite and above all motivated to help you. Our removal vehicles are suitably equipped for residential removals and we can ensure that your belongings arrive safe and undamaged. We take pride in our helpful demeanour and our respectful and courteous approach. We will assist in a removal plan and arrange everything for you.


Here at DF Removals, we offer a range of packing services. We aim to find you the right level of packing to suit your needs. We understand that some people wish to pack their things up themselves while others are grateful for the help. If you choose to pack yourself then we can supply you with the appropriate professional packing materials. You might wish to just employ our help with fragile packing. We have a service where we just pack fragile items such as china and crockery. If you really hate packing all together then you can opt for our full packing service. We will be on hand to pack everything in your home.


As well as packing up your home, we can assist in the unpacking in your new home. We will place your items in the rooms you specify and leave you to unpack or we can do the full unpack for you allowing you more time to settle in. It can be a great option having us unpack if you have already used us for the packing as we will know where everything is and can safely unwrap and unbox your items. We can unpack all or most of your things or we can simply unpack as you instruct. We can also help with the reassembling of furniture which can come in really handy. If you choose to utilise our unpacking service then we will also take away all the packing materials so you’re not left surrounded by boxes and paper.

European Moves

If you’re moving to or from anywhere in Europe, we can meet your needs. DF removals have had plenty of involvement in moving families to European destinations. We can handle all transportation, toll fees and fringe intersections. We will assist in the packing to ensure that your items are suitably packed for long distance transportation. If you need us to transport items separately via shipping or airfreight, we can oversee cargo arrangements to guarantee the arrival in the chosen destination.

Cleaning Services

We offer an end of tenancy cleaning service. We can clean the property in advance of the move to spare time if necessary. We can also clean your new place ahead of moving in if you so require. It can be lovely moving into a gleaming new place.


Based in London, we offer removals in and around London to anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Since November 2016
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