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This company is no longer a member of our partner network

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Eurostar Removal

Company Overview

Our company aims to provide you with the best service possible. We value our clients and build relationships with all whom we work with. We are based in Essex and can assist you with your regional and international removals. We use the latest in the removals industry technology to provide the most efficient communication with you, our customers and clients.

Since March 2017
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Here at Eurostar Removals, we know that planning your move is an integral part of the process. Our dedicated staff will endeavour to engage you every step of the way keeping clear communication open always. We will ensure that you are well prepared in the build up to your moving day. We guarantee the safe treatment of your belongings and in the case of unavoidable accidents, we will cover the cost of the damage. We use specialist professional equipment such as moving trucks, enclosed trailers, pods and storage containers. We have everything we need to help you with your domestic removal.

Packing and Reassembling Services

Our company offer both packing and unpacking services and you can be sure you are receiving a fully professional treatment putting your mind at ease during a notoriously stressful period of your life. You might choose to do the packing yourself in which case we will assist only with the loading and unloading. You might choose to sit back and relax and have us take care of everything. The service you receive will be based on your own needs. This makes our services flexible in terms of cost so you can efficiently manage your budget. We are also on hand to disassemble your furniture before loading it onto the truck and the service will also allow us to reassemble your items in your new home.

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